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Freshly Made Pesto Sauce And Fusili Pasta ©

March 28, 2012

  •  Easy Pasta!


    300g “Mini” or “Normal” sized Fusilli Pasta

    50g Freshly grated Parmezan

    1-2 cloves garlic

    Big bunch Basil, 10 tbs at least

    1/2 tsp salt

    Freshly grated black pepper

    3-4 tbs olive oil

    1 tbs pine nuts (opt)


    1. Grate parmesan, on fine grater, into bowl.

    2. Wash basil stalks and pick off leaves, pat dry with kitchen paper.

    3. Clean , 1-2 cloves of garlic.

    4. Place the above into blender, together with oil, salt and pepper and if liked pine nuts.

    (I find the pine nuts make it too heavy, though the original recipe includes them.)

    5. Blend and leave to infuse, while you prepare pasta. The “Fresher” the better……, so blend at last minute….

    6. Boil pasta until “al dente.” Drain and pour sauce over pasta, taste, for salt, serve immediately.

    This is a delicious and easy to make pasta dish and perfect when you have several pots of Basil!

    Final result !

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