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Roast Fillet Of Beef With My Salsa Verde ©

March 28, 2012

There is nothing like perfectly roasted Beef and it goes excellently with Salsa Verde or Sauce Bernaise!
Weigh and time the cooking of your meat exactly and remember it goes on cooking once you take it out
of the oven, so carve and eat straight away!




4-6 persons




1.5 kilo Fillet Steak. In Greece “Bon Fillet.”

Olive Oil

Salt and freshly ground pepper




Pre-heat oven 250.C. This is the quick cooking method in pre-heated very hot oven.

1. Get your Butcher to give you a nice fillet of Beef, the middle of the fillet is the best, as it is even in diameter and thus cooks evenly. This in Greece will probably need pre-booking.

2. Remove from fridge a good hour before, here in Greece we wash the fillet, pat dry and truss with string, to keep its shape.

3. Place in roasting tin and drizzle with oil.

4. Place in hot pre-heated oven 250 C, for half an hour, if you like it pink in the middle, if less so, another ten minutes, it is easy to over cook, which is a pity!

5. Remove from oven straight away and carve. Don’t keep hot in oven, or it goes on cooking, and loses all its nice pinkness. Drizzle with the oil it has been cooking in, sprinkle with salt and freshly ground pepper. Keeping juices for Salsa Verde.

Serve with “Salsa Verde.” (See under Sauces in Index.)




Fillet of Roast Beef ©

Pictures to show you how to truss your beef. Note the color of the beef and the texture.


Fillet of Roast Beef ©

Fillet Of Roast Beef ©

If there is a little fat on the top of the beef this helps in the tenderness, while it is cooking.

Fillet Of Roast Beef ©

Truss with cook’s String and place in roasting tray. Drizzle with olive oil. It is important to put into “pre-heated”

oven, as this quickly seals the meat and keeps the juices in. Turn to brown on all sides, during the first ten minutes.

This seals the juices in.




Roasting Beef ©

Once cooked remove from oven or it will go on cooking and carve. If you leave it to rest it will not be as rare

as  you want it. Serve with Salsa Verde or Bernaise Sauce ( See Sauces in Index. )




Roast Fillet Of Beef ©

My Salsa Verde ©

Salsa Verde: Find in Recipe Index under “Sauces.”


Fillet Of Roast Beef And Bernaise Sauce with Gratinee Potatoes ©

Fillet of Roast Beef with Bernaise Sauce , as an alternative to Salsa Verde, together with and Pomme de Terre

Gratinee. ( Recipes under ‘Sauces,’ and ‘Vegetables.” in Index.)






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  1. Sophia permalink
    May 26, 2012 6:43 pm

    We had this last night for dinner, with the salsa verde – delicious! Perfect combination and extremely easy meal to prepare and impress with. Add a bottle of red wine and you cannot go wrong. Thanks Jane! X


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