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Thank You All .

March 30, 2012

Dear All,

Thank you so so much for all your wonderful comments, both here and on Fb/Group.

I am so touched and hope you will all keep in touch, as the postings go up. I love

getting your comments and ‘Likes’ and in Blogging, I get to see your messages first,

and I have the choice of publishing them or not, so your more personal messages

I will keep and the ones suitable for publication, will appear at the bottom of the

post. Obviously, if you particularly don’t want it published, just specify and I hope

you will not be put off by having to give your e-mail and name, these do not show

publicly. ( See examples of messages under “About.” )

Above all keep in touch it is so good to know you are all there…….

So here goes, I will be adding all the recipes slowly but surely from Fb, when the new

ones begin, I will let you know.

All the best and have fun Cooking!!!! J.

P.S. “WordPress” is amazing, there is nothing they have not thought of, it practically does home delivery!!!!!!!

Here are some lovely flowers to thank you all !

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