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Sauce Bernaise ©

March 31, 2012








This is a family favorite and once made you will never look back…..just delicious!





Easy : This was made for a special occasion. It is perfect with Fillet of Beef.




4 Persons





100g  butter cubed

2 egg yolks

2 tbs tarragon vinegar

1 chopped shallot

6 pepper corns

1 tbs white stock ( Use a quarter of a beef stock cube )

1 tbs white wine

1-2 tbs fresh or dried tarragon




1. Put the peppercorns, shallots, vinegar, wine and stock into a saucepan,(if you don’t have tarragon vinegar, add a tsp of chopped tarragon leaves) reduce by half over a good heat.

2. Strain into a medium glass mixing bowl and add beaten yolks.Stand over a pan of simmering water, taking care the bottom of the bowl is not touching the water and beat with an electric hand mixer until it goes thick like mayonnaise and the beaters leave a distinct trail, 5-8 mins.

3. Remove the bowl from the boiling water and add the butter, cube by cube, beating all the time, adding the next one, only when the first has dissolved.

4. Mix in chopped tarragon and salt to taste.

5. Spoon into serving bowl and decorate with a sprig of tarragon, or parsley.

Keep at room temperature and serve with roast fillet of Beef, or other grilled meats, fish, eggs and some white meats.

This is definitely  my children’s most favorite sauce, home made, it is a total luxury and not difficult, once you have done it once, every one just loves it and you can double up the ingredients.

If you store in the fridge, remove to soften at room temperature, half an hour before serving.

This quantity is suitable for four people.





Bernaise Sauce

Place ingredients in saucepan and reduce by half. This intensifies the flavor.


Bernaise Sauce

Place two egg yolks in fire-proof bowl and add “Sieved,” reduced ‘liquor’ from reduced onions, tarragon

and stock.

Beat over saucepan of simmering water, until thick. 5-8 minutes at least, but not so long that the sauce

begins to cook at the edges of the bowl.

Cubes of butter for sauce.


Remove from saucepan of simmering water and add butter, piece by piece.


 It is important that that each piece of butter is incorporated, before adding the next, or it could curdle. If it

does curdle, add a tbs hot water.

Final Result!…..Really delicious!




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  1. April 1, 2012 12:18 pm

    I’ve always been far too lazy to make it … my mum is pretty dab hand at it though, and she really did use to do it by hand as well, no mixers! Though I bet she hasn’t cooked anything for ages. I’m far too impatient … you will have to bottle yours and sell some to me 🙂


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