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Thai Baked Fish ©

April 4, 2012

Henry this one is for you!
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1 Large Fish weighing 700-1000g

Cod, Bass, Red Sapper: Fagri, Lavraki, Tsipoura

6 tbs olive oil

1 small onion finely chopped

6 spring onions sliced

2 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 tbs grated fresh root ginger

2 tsp fish sauce

2 tbs or more light soy sauce

1 tsp light palm sugar or ordinary sugar

1 tbs tamarind water or a little lemon juice

1-2 red sliced chilli

freshly ground black pepper

NO extra salt, the soya is salty enough.



Coriander sprigs and lime slices and whole fresh chilli to garnish.

Serve with Basmati rice.



Choose a nice fresh fish from the Fishmonger. Don’t be worried to do your own check, he will then know you know about fresh fish. Firm to the touch, red gills, clear eyes.

Ask him to clean it for you, saves a lot of time and mess!

Take straight home, place straight in fridge, fish decompose very quickly and start cooking process on the same day!

1. Choose your baking tray, or roasting tin according to the size of your fish.

2. Wash fish thoroughly under running water and place in baking tray.

3. Score fish with serrated knife on both sides, as in the picture. Notice the “Line” that runs down the fish. This is where you will be cutting it open to check for ‘readiness’ later.

4. Place all your ingredients in a bowl and pour over fish to marinade. Push some of the mixture into the belly and into the cuts of the fish. Cover loosely with tin foil.

5. Leave to marinade 2 hours minimum, in the fridge.

6. Half an hour before cooking take fish out of fridge to come to room temperature, ‘important’ and turn oven on.

With the tin foil still loosely on, (I leave a small gap either side,) bake fish for half an hour. Remove from oven, remove tinfoil and check if it is cooked by cutting a short incision, from the gills, downward and open to the bone. If the bone is opaque and flesh comes away easily, it is cooked. If it is in any way pink, leave in oven for another five minutes and check again. Check sauce is not too salty, if so add a little water, or extra soy sauce if baking tray starts to dry out.

7. Transfer with two large spatulas, to serving dish and decorate with lime slices, whole chilli and coriander leaves. Cover the small cut you made for “readiness” with coriander.

Serve with Basmati rice.

Eat straight away.

This is a really delicious recipe and not difficult.


Choose a nice firm, bright eyed, shiny, red gilled fish.

Get your fishmonger to clean it.

This is a good example of a nice fresh fish.

Score on both sides with a serrated knife, cutting about 3mm into the fish. This will enable the marinade

to soak into the flesh.

Chop spring onions.

Peal and finely grate, using smallest holes of grater, your fresh ginger. ( This is not replaceable by using

powdered ginger. )

Slice chilli, removing the seeds, if you do not want the end result too hot.

Ingredients ready for marinade. Add Soy Sauce and rest of ingredients.

Pour marinade over fish and place a few spoonfuls in the cavity.

Cover roasting tray with tin foil, leaving a gap either side for steam to escape. If you close it in the fish

opens up in the cooking.

Towards the end of the cooking time, take fish out of oven and check for readiness. Make a small incision

at the thickest part of the neck, as in the above photograph. The fish is only cooked when the flesh is white,

any veins are dark, not red and the flesh should come away from the back-bone easily. The bone should be


In the above photo you will see the flesh is not cooked through at the right part of the incision, the flesh is

see through. In this case leave in oven for another five minutes and check again. Fish is not nice raw, unless

it is Sushi!

Final result. Here the sauce is a little dark due to the type of soy sauce I used.

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