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Scordalia. Greek Garlic Sauce.©

April 4, 2012

A wonderful traditional Greek dish, only good if well made…….
Quick and easy sauce for garlic lovers!


4 Persons



2-3 Cloves of Garlic

1/2 tsp salt

1 tbs  walnuts

1 tbs vinegar

3 slices brown or white bread

1/2 cup of olive oil, or as much as it will take

walnut halves and parsley to decorate



1. In a wooden pestle add your garlic and salt.

2. Pound until creamy.

3. Add walnut halves and vinegar pound together.

4. Place bread in bowl of water, leave 2 mins to soften, remove crusts and squeeze out water.

5. Add to pestle, mix well and add olive oil, little by little, mixing all the time.

6. When all the oil is absorbed, don’t hurry this process, place in bowl and decorate.

N.B. Walnuts must be of good quality, recently bought. Try them first, they should be sweet and NOT have a rancid taste. Good quality olive oil is important and your garlic should be fresh looking.

If you add too much oil and it separates, add separated mixture bit by bit to more bread.

This is a strong sauce, but delicious. It is traditionally eaten with fried Cod, fried aubergines and courgettes or beetroot salad.

This recipe can also be made with potato and lemon , instead of vinegar.

This sauce is traditionally made in a wooden Pestle.


Pound garlic and salt in wooden pestle until creamy.

Creamy garlic.

Add walnuts and pound until smooth.

Soak brown or white bread in water for two minutes. Squeeze out water and remove crusts.

Add to garlic and mix well.

Slowly add olive oil, mixing continuously until each addition of oil is absorbed. Don’t hurry this, it is a similar

process to making mayonnaise. If it does separate, add the separated mixture to a fresh piece of water soaked bread

in a new bowl, together with a drop or two of boiling water.

Scordalia is traditionally eaten with fried Cod and or Beetroot Salad and fried Aubergines and Courgettes.

This was made with brown bread. Usually in Tavernas it is made with white.

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  1. Anette Rydén permalink
    April 9, 2012 8:58 pm

    Dear Jane,

    This is really a fantastic cooking book and I love the fact that you have taken photos during the cooking as well and not just the end results.

    I will try out some as soon as I can.

    Let us meet up soon again,


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