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Roast Lamb And Roast Potatoes ©

April 7, 2012

The best Easter Lamb or  Sunday Lunch !
4-6  Persons
Oven Temp. 250.C
Turn down to 200.C after half an hour.

1 Leg of lamb

Juice of 1 large lemon

3-6 Cloves Garlic

3 Sprigs of Rosemary

2 tbs Dijon mustard ( only Dijon! )

2tbs brown sugar

1 tbs Flour

2-3 tsp Salt

1 tsp Black freshly ground pepper

1/2 Cup Olive Oil

2 Large onion halved and quartered

Potatoes 2-3 medium sized, per person

Parsley or Rosemary  to garnish




1. Pre-heat oven if cooking straight away. 250.C. Turn down to 200.C after half an hour.

If not cooking straight away, you can prepare your lamb the day before and leave to marinade in fridge.

2. Wash lamb under running tap. Dry with kitchen paper, remove any excess fat and butchers blue ink stamp, if it has not already been removed. Place in roasting tin.

3. Turn upside down, pour over lemon juice, cut deep crosses in the fleshy parts and insert wedges of garlic and if  liked rosemary sprigs. Salt and pepper this side generously and turn over and repeat on the other side, as in the photograph.

4. Spread over the top side of the lamb, using a  knife, a thick layer of “Dijon” mustard, sprinkle with light brown sugar and dust with flour using a sieve. 

5. Drizzle  all over with olive oil.

6. Place rosemary sprigs under lamb joint and surround with onions cut into quarters.

7. Peel the potatoes, leave in water if not roasting straight away so that they do not brown and reserve in fridge. Otherwise  season well and drizzle with oil, together with onion wedges and place around lamb.

8. Place lamb in pre- heated oven 250.C. Turn down to 200.C after half an hour. (You should always be able to hear the oil around the lamb sizzling.) A young lamb will take 1.1/2 hrs and New Zealand frozen leg 2 hrs. (De- frost, from the day before in fridge if leg is frozen.)

9. As soon as lamb starts to brown on top, cover with a piece of tin foil, but do not cover potatoes as well.

To test if lamb is ready, pierce with a sharp knife in thickest part, juices should run clean, unless you prefer it a little pink in the middle.

Serve with French Seed Mustard, Mint Sauce, and Mint Jelly.

Carve lamb and arrange on warm serving dish, pour off juices, ladle off fat and reserve to drizzle over lamb and potatoes, just before serving. Serve the rest of the juices, in a sauce boat.

Decorate lamb just before serving with rosemary sprigs or parsley.


COOKERY TERM : Dredge : Liberally cover with flour using a sieve.

This is an all time favorite in my family and apart from at Easter, makes a lovely Sunday roast.





Once you have washed the lamb, under cold running water, pat dry with kitchen paper. Douse all over with

lemon juice. Place in roasting tin, the underside upper most first and using a sharp pointed knife, cut two,

2 cm deep cuts in the fleshy part of the lamb, in the shape of a cross. Repeat this all over the lamb.

Cut garlic cloves into half, long ways and then into quarters. Push each quarter into the incisions you have

made all over the lamb. The more deeply the garlic goes the better.

The lamb will end up looking like this. At this point you can either add a few sprigs of rosemary under the

lamb, or add sprigs into the incision with the garlic.

If you want to add sprigs of rosemary to the garlic continue as follows. Otherwise just place the rosemary

under the leg of lamb.

Pull off small sprigs and push in beside the garlic.

This is the option of the rosemary put in with the garlic.


Add salt and pepper, dijon mustard and then sprinkle with brown sugar.


Sprinkle/dredge with flour, using a small sieve and drizzle generously with olive oil.


Surround with seasoned potatoes and onion wedges, together with any left over garlic.



Alternatively, if you are just putting the rosemary underneath the lamb, salt and pepper and spread with dijon

and continue as above.

Sprinkle with golden sugar and using a small sieve, dredge with flour. Drizzle again with olive oil.

If cooking straight away, surround with seasoned potatoes and onion wedges and place in pre-heated oven.

Once nicely browned, after about half an hour, cover lightly the lamb only, with tin foil. The potatoes leave

uncovered to brown.

Baste and turn potatoes every half an hour add 1/2 cup of water if oven tray starts getting dry.

A fresh leg of Lamb, will usually cook in about 1.1/2 hrs, unless it is a large de-frozen New Zealand leg,

in which case it will take a good two hours.

When cooked, carve and arrange on warm serving dish. Drizzle with a ladle of juices to keep the lamb moist.

Decorate with parsley or rosemary sprigs.

Arrange potatoes in serving dish and drizzle with a little of the oily juices to make the potatoes shiny.


Cut Broccoli into Florets, plunge into salted boiling water and boil for 5-8 minutes, with out the lid on.

Drain and refresh in colander. Drizzle with a little olive oil, and sprinkle with toasted almonds.

Salt at last minute, or Broccoli discolors.






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