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Cookery Terms ©

April 20, 2012


Now what cooks would you be if you didn’t know your ‘Cookery Terms’? !!

Here  bellow is a list for you to use as a reference, as I add more recipes.


AERATE : is to add air to something, for example a cake or in order to slightly cool when adding eggs.

BAIN-MARIE: A large saucepan, containing boiling water, into which sauces in their pans can be placed to be kept warm. For dishes to be cooked in the oven in a bain-marie, a meat roasting dish is commonly used. Creme Caramel for example.

The water around, often an egg dish, stops it from getting too hot, which would curdle the eggs.

BASTE: To spoon over gravy, liquid or fat. For example a ‘roast.’ Baste the Chicken with it’s surrounding fat and juices.

BLANCH: To “blanch” means to submerge fruit or vegetables into boiling water for a few seconds, to release the skin as in tomatoes or almonds, or to enhance the colour in green vegetable and sometimes to whiten meat.

EMULSIFY : To make into an emulsion. For example when you beat together salad dressing,after two minutes it becomes one, in stead of three layers, when viewed in a jar, with the oil at the top.

REDUCE: To “reduce” means to boil rapidly, thus reducing the liquid by half or more, which intensifies the flavour.

DEGLAZE:  To Emulsify the fat and the cooking liquor at the bottom of a sauce pan

by adding wine or brandy and sometimes stock.

DREDGE : To cover liberally with sifted flour or sugar, usually using a sieve.

LARDONS : is a specially cured larding bacon, cut into strips aprox. 2 cm long, 1/2 cm wide/thick. In this case it is used in Carbonara, otherwise you can use it to “Lard” a piece of meet which has no fat, by sewing on only the fat, to tenderise it during cooking.

“Aerate” is to add air to something, for example a cake or in order to slightly cool when adding eggs.

MARINADE : To soak meat or fish in liquid, for a certain amount of time before cooking, in order to tenderise it and  give it extra flavour.

SCORE : To make shallow cuts ( 1/2 cm ) in meat or fish in order to aid in cooking  and allow any marinade to soak into the flesh.

TRUSS : To tie together a poultry, using a trussing needle and string. This way it is more compact and presentable for serving

and also the chicken, for example, does not dry out during cooking.

 ZEST. This is the very outer part of a fruit, with out the white pith. To obtain it you grate the fruit

once at the most twice on a very fine grater, larger sized gratings are not the same. It must produce a delicate hint of flavour

and never so thick that you can feel it on the tongue !

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