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Canadian or Scottish Fresh Salmon cooked In A Papillote With Parsley Sauce ©

April 27, 2012

Quick easy and delicious!
This I dedicate to my dearest friend Jane E. in Canada.



Oven Temp. 240. C  (See Oven Conversion Tables Index)

Cooking Time: 1/2 an hour


4-6 persones



1 Half fillet of salmon 700g apron, boned

1 Large Onion thinly sliced

1 Lemon thinly cut, remove pips

50-60g unsalted butter cut into small pieces

8 sprigs parsley

salt, freshly ground pepper

Grease proof paper, or tin foil, for “Papillote”


Parsley Sauce

20g Unsalted butter

20g plain flour

300ml milk

2-3 tbs chopped fresh parsley

1/2 -1 tsp salt, opt freshly ground pepper

Parsley sprigs for decoration



Mini Butterfly Pasta



1.  Pre-heat oven 1/4 hr before cooking.

2. Prepare oven proof dish, by lining generously with a good overlap, using tin foil or grease proof paper, cut similar size piece to close over fish.

3. Wash fillet of salmon under running water, pat dry with kitchen paper.

4. Lay on tin foil half the quantity of  sliced onion, lemon, butter,parsley,salt pepper.

5. Lay on top salmon, skin side downwards.

6. Lay on top of salmon, the other half quantity of onion, lemon etc.

7. Place on top of fish, second layer tin foil and tuck inwards both layers of tin foil together, to form a tightly closed parcel……”Papillote”

8. Place in pre-heated oven and cook for half an hour, 250. C.

9. Open Papillote carefully. be careful of the steam that comes out. Check fish is cooked through, by making a small incision at thickest part. When cooked flesh should be opaque.

10. Serve in oven-proof dish or lift out fish carefully with two large flat spoons and serve on warm serving dish. Spoon over juices, or serve in sauce boat. You can also add a little to the parsley sauce for extra flavor.

11. Decorate with fresh parsley sprigs.


Parsley Sauce

20g Plain flour

20g Butter

300ml Milk

2-3 tbs Finely chopped parsley

1/2-1 tsp salt



1. Melt butter in sauce pan, med heat, add flour, cook whisking continuously, especially around edges, until “frothy”-don’t brown- 1-2 mins,( the minute you stop stirring it will froth ) then add COLD milk, (If by some misfortune, it has gone brown, for those who are starting out, throw away and begin again, no stress! )

2. Stir CONTINUOUSLY with your WHISK,( spoon not nearly so effective,) so that it does not go LUMPY!

3. Leave to boil 1 minute to cook flour, season and TASTE, should not taste STARCHY, cook more if it does, 2 mins, stirring continuously. The end result must be a pouring/coating sauce. Add a little milk if too thick.

4. Chop parsley finely and add just before serving, so that it retains its bright green color.

N.B. This can all be done before hand, place a piece of greaseproof paper, touching the top of the sauce, so that it doesn’t form a skin.

When ready to serve, remove paper carefully, add a little extra milk, whisk and re-heat, add finely chopped parsley.

(The end result is a “POURING” sauce, which should coat the back of the spoon.)

Good old fashioned “Parsley Sauce” there is nothing like it……Sorry for all the detail…..but for my new cooks, every extra tip helps!


Example of  a”Time-Plan.”

1. First prepare fish, put aside or in fridge until ready to cook,PRE-HEAT OVEN, remove from fridge, always 15 mins before putting in oven.

2. Prepare parsley sauce.

3. Put pasta water and Mange-Tous water on to boil. 10 mins before fish is cooked, throw into boiling water, MINI pasta.

4. Five mins before fish is ready, reheat parsley sauce……add parsley last minute.

5. At the same time, add Mange-Tous to boiling salted water, they only need 5-8 mins,  they should be crunchy!Turn out into colander and immediately rinse very briefly under cold water to stop cooking process and show up chlorophyl to its best.

Serve all on heated serving dishes!

This is NOT difficult, but EXCELLENT ! The pictures should help. Have fun!


Pre-heat oven. 240.C.

Line your oven-proof dish generously with tin foil, leaving a good overlap.

Place on the tin foil half the sliced onions, lemon parsley and butter, salt and pepper.

Place salmon on top of onions, skin side downwards.

Cover salmon with the rest of the ingredients, salt and pepper.

Cover with second layer of tin foil. Turn in edges of tin foil tightly to form a closed package, Papillote.

At this point the salmon can be reserved in the fridge for a few hours. Remove from fridge 1/2 before cooking,

to come to room temperature, ready for cooking. This is important, or it will take much longer to cook.

Place in pre-heated oven, 240.C for half an hour. ( See side bar for conversion table.)

Remove tin foil cover. Make small incision at thickest part. Fish should be opaque all the way through.

If not, cover again and cook for another five minutes.

Once cooked, serve as it is, or transfer carefully, using two large spatulas, onto warm serving dish. Spoon

over butter and fish juices. You can also add some of the juices to the parsley sauce.

Decorate with parsley.

Parsley Sauce.

This is a rather old fashioned English sauce, always excellent!

Serve with mini pasta shells and melted butter.

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  1. annette permalink
    April 28, 2012 1:40 pm

    I made something very similar on Good Friday recently, the only difference was that I sliced some stalks of lemon grass, gave them a bit of a batter with a rolling pin then placed them on the bottom of the parcel then placed the salmon on top. I then placed fresh spinach and cooked prawns on top of the salmon, then placed another side of salmon on top so it was more of a ‘stuffed salmon fillet’. More lemon grass and lemon thyme on top with lemon and butter like your recipe, a glass of good white wine poured over, then sealed the parcel just like yours.
    I just love the aroma when you open the parcel… wonderful!


    • April 28, 2012 2:28 pm

      Thank you so much for commenting, I love getting every ones feed back.
      Sounds absolutely delicious! I will try it out. I will soon post a very
      nice Barbecue Chicken, same idea, you will like it 🙂
      Great to have you “Following.”


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