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My Strawberry and Raspberry Meringue ! ©

April 30, 2012

Happy May Day !

Everyone LOVES this!

Medium to easy

Oven 150.C

Time : 1 hour


3 egg whites

175g caster sugar

1 tsp vinegar

1 tsp corn flour

For Coulis

125g Raspberries

125g Strawberries

1tbs icing sugar or more.


125g Raspberries

125g Strawberries

or other similar fruit

250ml Fresh cream whipped stiffly


Turn on oven 150 C.

Cooking time 1 hr

1. Line baking tray with gpp.( grease proof paper).

2. Draw outline of a bowl that will fit on serving dish, leaving a small margin.

3. Measure out ingredients and have ready in bowls.

4. Place egg whites in large bowl and whisk until stiff peaks.

5. Add half sugar and beat until very shiny, 4 mins.

6.  Mix remaining sugar with corn flour and vinegar. Using a large table spoon, fold in lightly and quickly by hand.

7. Spoon into piping bag, disposable or otherwise.( Use plain nozzle, or star shaped) fill half full only…..or it all comes out the top, twist and push down. ( It is helpful to stand piping bag in a measuring jug, while filling, see photo. )

8. Pipe out, following pencil line and so inwards. It does not need to be perfect, one of the delights of meringue is that even if you do it all with a spoon, it still looks great!!!

9. On top of your base, pipe around edge mini whirls. ( See picture )

10. With any left over meringue mixture, make mini “Drops”, delicious to nibble on afterwards….. Push and pull up sharply.

11. Place in preheated oven.

12. After ten mins, cover lightly with gpp. so that the meringue does not brown.

13. When time is up, turn oven off and leave to cool in oven, remove gpp first.

14. Remove from oven, detach carefully from gpp. with the help of a pallet knife.

15. Place little ones in a bowl.

16. Fill case with stiffly whipped cream on day of serving. Save a little cream to decorate with cream stars.

17. Decorate with soft fruit of your choice, raspberries, strawberries, kiwi etc.

18. Decorate with piped stars of whipped cream and at the last minute, using a small sieve dust with icing sugar…….

19. For the Coulis, wash and hull fruit, blend in blender, together with a little icing sugar. Pour into a very fine sieve, over a bowl and with a wooden spoon, stir until all the fruit has gone through, leaving only the seeds. It takes a little time, but is well worth it.

20. Serve in jug or sauce boat next to the Meringue.

COULIS : Is a thin vegetable or fruit puree, coming from the French word ‘Couler’ to flow.

N.B  You can make the meringue and Coulis the day before. Assemble 2 hours before.

Once you have made it once, you will realize it is easy and every one likes Meringue, cream and strawberries !

On grease proof paper, draw a circle using a bowl which will fit into your final serving dish.

This will act as a guide to pipe your meringue base onto.

Place paper on baking tray.

Place star or plain nozzle in piping bag and stand in measuring jug.

Like so……

Place egg whites in clean bowl. ( Any grease, or yolk will prevent the meringue from becoming stiff. )

Divide sugar between two bowls. Add to one the corn flour and vinegar.

Beat with an electric beater or by hand with a balloon whisk, the egg whites, until “stiff peaks.”

As you will observe in the photograph, the egg whites need more beating, because the peak in the bowl does

not stand up right, but bends over……

Once the meringue is “Stiff Peaks” fold  lightly and quickly, the remaining sugar, corn flour and vinegar.

Fold by cutting through middle of meringue with spatula, giving a half turn anti-clockwise to your bowl and

lifting meringue up and over.

Fill piping bag half full with meringue. Lift out bag and twist top of bag to close.

Holding twisted top with your right hand and guiding the bag with your left and holding the nozzle close to

the paper start piping out your meringue, using the pencil line as a guide and gradually coming inwards.

It should look something like this. Fill in any little holes.
Around the perimeter, pipe small whirls about 2-3 cm in diameter leaving an open space in the middle to
place your whipped cream and fruit.
Place in oven. After ten minutes,gently place a layer of greaseproof over the meringue to prevent it from
becoming too golden in colour.
Whip cream. Place 1/3 of the cream in a  serving bowl and decorate with stars of cream. Use the rest of the
cream to line the center of your meringue case and keep a little to decorate with stars of cream in between the fruit.
Hull and rinse your fruit.
HULL: Means to remove the stalk. This is ideally done with a strawberry tweezer which removes the leaf
and the stalk in one. Otherwise use a small sharp knife, because it is not enough just to remove the leaves,
you need to remove the hard center as well.
Place raspberries in blender together with icing sugar and blend.
Place fine, double wired sieve over bowl and begin stirring the coulis through. This is a  slow process,
but well worth the effort.
Here you can see what remains once you have passed all the raspberries through the sieve and you can also
see the type of sieve that is ideal for making a smooth coulis.
Final result. Raspberry Coulis.
Once meringue has completely cooled detach mini meringues and arrange in serving bowl.
You will note the color is no longer completely white. This is normal for “Home Made” Meringue.
Final Result !
Cream is spread under fruit in center. Some fruit is cut, some is whole and it is decorated with stars of cream
and just before serving a dusting of icing sugar with the use of a sieve.
Note in this picture the meringue was piped with a star nozzle. In the first picture it was piped with a plain nozzle.
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  1. Nick permalink
    April 30, 2012 5:36 pm

    My favorite desert for tomorrow,lucky me!


  2. Annette permalink
    April 30, 2012 8:21 pm

    That looks so good!! Yes, lucky Nick!!!


  3. May 1, 2012 8:38 am

    Thanks Annette, Happy First Of May! xxx


  4. May 1, 2012 2:49 pm

    Flowers are gorgeous! Happy May Day Mum xxxx


  5. Milly Danon permalink
    May 1, 2012 6:00 pm

    I love it!!! bravo Jane for your nice work!!!


  6. Sophia permalink
    October 4, 2014 1:00 pm

    Making this tonight! Wish me luck… Xxxx


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