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Macaroni Cheese ©

May 19, 2012

 While we are on Pasta, here is an all time favorite, especially for Constandinos!

Memories of  Boarding School, but it never tasted as good as this!

Easy for Uni Students!

Ingredients Serves 4

Butter for greasing Oven-Proof Dish

150g Elbow Macaroni

Salt Pepper

600ml White Sauce

100g English Cheddar

White Sauce

50g Butter

50g Plain Flour

600ml Milk

Salt Pepper


Pre-Heat Oven On 200.C

Total Cooking time 1/2 hour.

Check for browning after 20 minutes.

1. Place saucepan of salted water on to boil for pasta. ( 1 tsp Salt ) When water is boiling rapidly, add pasta, cook until “al dente” about 5-8 mins. Lid always off, or it boils over. Don’t over cook it, it should be only just tender, with a firm bite. Rinse Pasta under cold running water, to stop the cooking process and leave to drain thoroughly.

2. Grease Oven-Proof dish with a little butter.

3. Make white sauce by placing butter in saucepan on a low heat, when just melted add flour, turn up heat a little and stir continuously until frothy, 2 mins. While it is still bubbling up, add “Cold” milk all at once and keep stirring until it comes to the boil. This is important, or it will go lumpy.( If this does happen, beat vigorously with a whisk.) The secret is to keep stirring!

4. Boil stirring for 1 minute to thoroughly “Cook” the flour, or it will have a nasty floury taste and remove from heat.

5. Place pasta in oven-proof dish.

6. Add 2/3rds of grated English Cheddar to your white sauce ( Other strong cheeses can be used, Gouda, Regato, Parmesan, or a mixture of all four. The white sauce will have cooled a little and thus, won’t go stringy, when cheese is added.

7. Pour sauce over pasta and mix well. Even out and sprinkle with remaining cheese.

8. Clean around edge of dish with kitchen paper, so your final result does not have burnt cheese around the side of the dish.

9. Place in center of pre-heated oven and cook. Check after 20 mins and cook until bubbling and golden on top. If the top should over brown, place a piece of tin foil lightly on the top.

10. Eat straight away, this is when it is best, once it sits it is not the same!

Jane’s London Special Alternative !


For those who remember, my London after mid-night special…..16 Hereford Square……

Add to white sauce, 1 tsp Tomato Puree and 2 cloves, or more! crushed garlic ! Use Pasta Shells in stead of Macaroni.

The result is a wonderful pink creamy garlicky sauce which fills the holes of the small pasta shells and is DELICIOUS! Sprinkle with chopped parsley just before serving.

Eat immediately!

Just the thing after a night out !

Pre-heat your oven 200.C.  Place serving plates to warm.

Weigh out pasta. Put salted pasta water onto boil, 1 tsp salt. When rapidly boiling add past, once it returns

to the boil, turn heat down a little so it doesn’t over-boil.

Butter your oven-proof dish, so that it is ready to assemble your Macaroni cheese.

Weigh out cheddar cheese.

Grate cheese on big holes of grater.

Melt butter in non-stick sauce pan. Once melted add flour and stir continuously.

Once you have stirred the flour and butter for two minutes, it will look like this and rise a little every time you

stop stirring. This process cooks the flour, but don’t over-do it, it must not start to color. ( If it does, start again. )

Now add the milk all at once and don’t stop stirring until it comes to the boil.

This is very important ! If you stop stirring, it will thicken rapidly at the bottom of the sauce pan and go lumpy.

It is as easy as anything, if you stir continuously.

Bring sauce to the boil and boil stirring continuously for  1-2 minutes to thoroughly cook flour. Season with

1/2 tsp salt or more and pepper. Taste to make sure it does not have a floury taste and that it is well seasoned.

You don’t want a bland sauce.

Leave sauce to cool slightly and add grated cheese. Mix well.

Once pasta is just cooked, ( remember it will cook in the oven too, so you want it only just cooked.) Drain

pasta and refresh under cold running water, so as to halt cooking process.

Place well drained pasta in buttered oven-proof dish and pour white sauce over the top. Using two forks,

mix well and level off the top.

Sprinkle with grated cheddar. Important, clean your dish carefully with a little dampened kitchen paper, so

that the sides of the dish are completely clean. It is much easier to do this now, than later, when the cheese

has browned.

Place in center of pre-heated oven and cook until browned on top, aprox 20 minutes. If the cooking time is

not completed, place a piece of tin foil lightly on top, so that it does not over brown, until the cooking time

is up, 1/2 hr in total. The whole dish should be gently bubbling when ready.

Delicious ! ( Note how clean the sides of the dish are……looks so much better than messy burnt cheese sides! )

Yum !

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