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Cream Cheese and Mint Cherry Tomatoes ©

June 4, 2012

Something Cool and Summery, quick and easy!

6-8 Persons


12 Cherry Tomatoes

200g Cream Cheese

2 tbs Chopped Fresh Mint. ( Alternatively, fresh Chives or fresh Coriander.)

Salt And Freshly Ground Pepper

Black Olive halves for decoration

Sprigs Of Parsley    ”             ”


1. Wash tomatoes and with stalk side down, using a serrated knife, cut through tops horizontally, leaving a little at the end, for the lid to remain attached.

2. Using the point of the knife, carefully remove the pulp of the tomato, to make room for the cream cheese.Turn up side down on kitchen paper to drain.

3.In a bowl, place rest of ingredients, mix  and taste. Add enough salt as the tomato needs it to be tasty. Using a piping bag, or small spoon, fill tomatoes.

4. Place on suitable serving plate and decorate with black olives and sprigs of Parsley.

5. Store in the fridge, covered with cling film, until ready to serve. Make in the morning for the evening, any longer and tomatoes shrivel a little!

N.B. If you are not a “mint” person, you can use chives, or coriander.

With the stalk end downwards, cut across tops, with a sharp serrated knife, leaving a small attachment.

Mix your cream cheese and finely chopped mint together. Season well and using a piping bag, or small egg

spoon, fill tomatoes. When using a piping bag, finish off with small stars of cream cheese, otherwise, finish

off using a fork.

Final Result! Perfect for a drinks party or as part of a Buffet.

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