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Red Pepper Dip ©

June 14, 2012

  • Another ‘Dip’ to go with a cold icy drink on a the hot summer  evening !




    4-6 persons




    6 red peppers

    4 tsp concentrate tomato puree

    2-3 tsp vinegar

    3 tsp sugar


    Parsley sprig for decoration





    1. Wash and dry red peppers.

    2. Place them under grill and leave until well charred on all sides. ( Check frequently )

    3. Place in bowl and seal with cling film. Leave to sweat  for 5 mins.

    4. Remove skin with sharp knife, cut open and remove seeds and stalk.

    5. Place in saucepan together with rest of ingredients and cook briefly, stirring so it does not burn.

    6. Blend briefly or mash with a fork.

    7. Place in serving bowl and put in fridge to cool.

    8. Taste, adjust seasoning and serve with crusty bread or grissini.

    Grill peppers on all sides.

    Remove peppers from under grill, place in bowl and cover tightly with cling-film. Leave to sweat, so that

    the skins peel off easily.

    Remove all the peel. Cut in half and remove seeds too.

    Roughly cut up and place in saucepan along with the rest of the ingredients.

    Blend briefly if you want a smoother finish.

    Taste carefully, the end result should be sweet and sour.


    Final result. Excellent with hot crusty bread or grissini.



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