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Cold Cucumber and Yogurt Soup ©

June 15, 2012




This is a wonderful creamy cooling soup, perfect for a hot summer evening !




4-6 Persons



5-6 cartons of thick greek yogurt ( Fage Total )

1 large cucumber peeled and grated

1 clove garlic ( Optional )

1 tsp salt for cucumber

salt and freshly ground black pepper for soup

1 tbs finely chopped fresh mint

Sprig of mint to garnish

Mint leaf ice cubes


1. Choose nice fresh small mint leaves, place in ice tray  fill with water and freeze.

2. Peel cucumber and grate on large holes of grater. Place in sieve together with a good teaspoon of salt, mix and allow to drain into a bowl.

3. Empty yogurt into large bowl, or straight into soup tureen and dilute with 200ml water. You want the soup to be the consistency of cream. Whisk with a balloon whisk.

4.Stir cucumber and push out more water by pressing with the spoon and add to yogurt. The cucumber then absorbs the liquid from the yogurt and thus the soup thickens more. If it needs a little more thinning you can add the cucumber water too.

5. Add finely chopped mint and a clove of garlic whole, which just gives the remotest hint of garlic. Remove it before serving! Otherwise you can also rub the soup tureen sides with the garlic, to give flavour.

6. Mix well and taste for salt. It definitely needs to be salty enough and check after chilling too as it may need more salt! i ended up putting 3-4 tsp salt, but I think the salt I use is not very strong.

7. Garnish with a sprig of mint and mint ice cubes just before serving. Serve the extra ice cubes along side.

Gather all your ingredients together.

Wash and peel cucumber.

Grate cucumber on large holes of grater into a sieve, which is standing over a bowl.

Add salt and mix well. Leave to drain.

Add yogurt to bowl or soup tureen.

Dilute with water.

Mix well with a balloon whisk.

Press out water with back of spoon.

Reserve cucumber juice to dilute soup.

Gather mint leaves together and chop finely.

Cut across and then…….

….then cut long ways.

Add mint.

Add  cucumber to yogurt.

Add whole clove of garlic. Remove before serving!!!

Garnish with sprig of mint.

Add ice cubes or your pre-prepared mint ice cubes.

Using plain ice cubes or minted ones, see below.

Mint Leave ice cubes……

Final result decorated with the mint ice cubes.

Beautifully Cool on a hot summers evening……

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