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Just a simple salad…..Everything is in the Vinaigrette ! ©

July 1, 2012





When I was young, we were given duties to do at home…….one was to lay the table every day, the other was to do the drying up!

The most enjoyable of all, was to make the salad dressing! My childhood friend and I used to love this

and to this day we both make, a delicious salad dressing! Good quality ‘cold press’  virgin olive oil and wine vinegar or

lemon juice are essential, together with real sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, good quality ‘Dijon’ mustard  and

Greek, mountain grown, Oregano…….




4 persons



1  large  really fresh crisp lettuce

1 spring onion

Chopped fennel



1/2- tsp salt

1/2 tsp sugar (optional)

1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper

1 tsp dijon mustard

1 tbs wine vinegar OR lemon juice

Chopped fresh herbs of  your choice, Coriander, mint, chives.

Or  1 tsp dried Oregano

3-4 tbs Virgin, cold press Olive Oil



1.Wash lettuce thoroughly in several waters. Then soak in salted water and rinse again. The salt kills any aphids and they rise to the surface.

2.Drain leaves well and place on chopping board. Cut into 2 cm strips and place in lettuce spinner. Spin until no more water comes out, once or twice.

3.Place lettuce in salad bowl, add chopped spring onion and any fresh herbs of your choice.

4. Mix together ingredients for Vinaigrette. Beat with a spoon to form an emulsion. ( See Cookery Terms. )

5. Just before serving pour vinaigrette over salad and toss with salad servers.

This is a simple procedure, but you will be surprised, how difficult it is to really produce a good salad. Once you follow this recipe, you will not look back!


Mix ingredients together for Salad dressing.

Stir with teaspoon until it emulsifies.

Just before serving, not earlier, or lettuce wilts, pour over salad dressing.

Final result !



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