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Tarte Des Demoiselles Tatin ©

July 2, 2012




This is my favourite apple ‘Tarte.’ It is light and a delicious combination of apple and caramel with a light filo pastry, which is my adaptation of the usual ‘Flaky Pastry.’ Served warm it is delicious!

There are many photos to assist you……….try it, it is really worth it!

This is a special request from my dear friend Anna, as to how to make caramel…… 🙂


A little more challenging, but worth the try!


6 Persons



900 g Granny Smith/ Green Cooking apples

100 g butter

1oo g brown sugar

1 lemon/Lime zest


For Caramel

100 g caster sugar

100 ml water


An edible flower!



Pre-heat oven 200.C

1. First make caramel. Place sugar in small sauce pan, together with water.

2. Heat over high heat and stir to dissolve sugar crystals. These should devolve, before water comes to the boil. If they haven’t,  remove the sauce pan from the heat and continue to stir until the last crystal has dissolved. This is important, or your caramel can crystallise later.

3. Once it boils, no longer stir and watch over it to see it turning colour. This will happen fairly quickly after five minutes and you don’t want to over burn it. A nice rich golden brown is required. If it begins to smoke you will over burn it and it will be too bitter. This you will learn to judge. Too pale and it won’t have a taste.

4. Immediately pour into “Oven proof bowl” and using oven gloves, tilt bowl quickly to spread the caramel around the bowl, especially up the sides. Take care the bowl will become very hot.

5. Your bowl is now ready to arrange your “Thinly” sliced  peeled apples.

6.  First line the base with thin slices of butter and brown sugar. The first layer should be arranged in a nice pattern, as it will be upper most.

7. Cover each layer with thin slices of butter, brown sugar and lime or lemon zest.

8. Continue until the bowl is filled, the thinner the slices the better, or it will shrink back.

9.Cover with 4 layers of ‘Filo” pastry, gently press down and cut around the edge of the bowl, using a pair of scissors. With a sharp knife cut a cross in the center of the pastry, to allow steam to escape.

10. Place in pre-heated oven and cook until golden. If the pastry becomes too brown, cover with grease -proof paper and leave in oven to cook. Depending on apples, this can take up to an hour. It is very important to cook it until it is a deep golden caramel colour through out.

11. Remove from oven,run knife around circumference, place large serving plate on top of bowl and turn out, while still hot.

12. Serve warm together with vanilla ice cream, or on its own, it is delicious! Decorate with a suitable edible flower!


Place caster sugar in small sauce pan.

Add to 100g sugar, 100 ml of water.

With a pastry brush, brush away any sugar crystals that may stick to the sides of the saucepan.

Stir to dissolve all crystals, before it comes to the boil. Once it boils, you must stop stirring. If they have not

had time to dissolve, remove from heat and stir until the water is clear. This is important.

Choose suitable serving dish to match size of oven proof dish. It is good if it has a little depth, as the Tatin

always has some delicious buttery sauce.

Once all sugar crystals are dissolved, leave to boil rapidly, with out stirring.

Now watch carefully, after rapid boiling, boiling starts to slow and sugar syrup starts to colour.

This takes approximately 3-4 minutes.

Colour getting very close to being ready and remember, the heat is great so it goes on browning, after you

take it off the heat. You should therefore take it off the heat a few seconds before the caramel has reached

the colour you desire.

Pour straight away into oven-proof dish, tilting the dish to spread the caramel, before it sets. Note how

much darker the caramel looks in the saucepan, where as in the bowl it is perfect! This is the colour you

want to aim for.

This is the perfect colour. It will have a taste of ‘caramel,’ with out being over browned and bitter.

Tilt bowl and spread caramel around sides. You need to do this quickly, as the caramel solidifies quickly.

This is exactly the same procedure, as when one makes the caramel for ‘Creme Caramel.’

Choose nice crisp green apples. Cooking apples or Granny Smith.

Quarter apples, peel and core. Cut into wafer thin slices.

Prepare ingredients.

Line base with butter and brown sugar and lime or lemon zest and repeat this after every layer of apples.

Start to arrange slivers of apple in a nice pattern.

Continue to arrange apples.

This will result in a nice final finish, when the tart is turned over.

Continue on as above.

Once the first layer is finished you no longer need to keep to a pattern, just arrange evenly.

After first layer of apple is completed, add finely grated zest of lime or lemon.

Add slices of butter and brown sugar at each layer, until you have reached the top of the oven-proof bowl.

Cover oven-proof dish with four layers of “Filo” pastry and press gently down.

Cut filo pastry round dish. Make a cross in center of pastry with sharp knife, to allow steam to escape.

Place dish in pre-heated oven. If pastry starts to brown, cover with grease-proof paper.

This is by no means ready, it needs to look the same colour all the way through…..

When apples are golden and not just the pastry, remove from oven.Run knife around edge, before turning out.

Place suitable serving dish on top of oven-proof bowl and flip over in one action, your “Tart.”

Tarte Tatin, turned out. Decorate with a flower or cream. Serve warm. If you make ahead of time, warm in

oven before serving.

Final result! A really delicious recipe……..



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