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Marinaded Peppers ©

August 8, 2012

A lovely recipe for when you have a glut of peppers in the kitchen garden!




6 Persons


10 Long light green or dark green peppers

Oil for frying



3 tbs Olive Oil

1 tbs Vinegar

Salt and pepper

2 Cloves of garlic sliced

1 tbs chopped mint, optional



1. Wash the peppers and dry well with kitchen paper. ( These peppers you find in Greece in the summer time, they are not hot. This recipe  can also be made with other peppers of your choice, but if large ‘bell’ peppers are used, you will need to cut them in half of quarters and remove seeds.)

2. In a wide sauce pan, with lid, pour olive oil, to cover base.

3. Fry rapidly with lid on, as it is a messy business, until peppers still hold their shape, but are a little browned on all sides. Use long handled tweezers to do this. Fry in batches. Place in serving dish.

4. In a jar make your dressing, shake well, and pour over peppers while they are still hot.

5. Sprinkle the slices of garlic over the top and cover with cling film to marinade for two hours.

6. Delicious cold, or warm, if you can’t wait that long…..

N.B. If you like, you can make an incision in the peppers, length wise, and remove the seeds before frying. Once cooked, you can also carefully peal off the skins after leaving them to sweat under cling film for 10 minutes. You are then left with just the flesh. Marinade as above.


Final result !



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