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Coffee And Almond Dessert ©

August 9, 2012



A wonderfully quick almond dessert taught to me by Anna.


This celebrates 5,ooo views and 100 recipes posted! Thank you all for following my Blog!


6 Persons


1 packet Lady- finger biscuits ( about 18 )

300 ml Cream for filling

2 tbs icing sugar

2 tsp Nescafe or more

6 tbs Brandy, Metaxa or more

10 tbs milk or more

To Decorate

100 ml whipped Cream

1-2 tbs Lightly roasted flaked almonds



Place almonds in roasting tray and place under grill. Watch over them until their color just begins to turn. This happens very quickly and they easily burn, so don’t get distracted…….

Before beginning, whip up your decorating cream in a separate bowl, reserve in fridge.

1.Place 300 ml of cream in blender and whip together with icing sugar until stiff.

2. Add coffee, which you have rubbed through a fine sieve. Taste for strength, add more coffee if you wish.

3. Make up dipping bowl of ‘milk and brandy’ and having chosen a suitable serving dish, begin dipping your biscuits for just 3-4 second in the milk and arrange in serving dish.The biscuits will still be firm, but don’t worry, they soften up later.

4. Once you have one layer, spread with half the coffee cream and repeat with a second layer.

5. Smooth out the top decorate with cream stars, using a piping bag. Place in refrigerator to chill for two hours.

6.  Sprinkle with lightly roasted almonds just before serving.

This is an old fashioned recipe, from way back, but excellent if you need to make a quick dessert.

I usually serve it in small bowls, or plates using a large table spoon to serve.

The Nescafe granules dissolve in the cream, where as real coffee doesn’t and leaves a speckled effect. I sometimes add a little Jacobs for extra flavour.

The link bellow is interesting about the origins of “Ladyfinger.”


Whip up decorating cream until stiff and reserve in refrigerator.

  • Beat cream and coffee essence until the beaters leave a trail.
  • Mix together dipping bowl of milk and Metaxa brandy
  • I always have a packet of “Ladyfinger” biscuits in the cupboard, so that I can make up this dessert, if a
  • surprise occasion arises.

Dip biscuits in milk and brandy for not more than three seconds, turning the biscuits as you dip.

They will seem hard, but they soon soften up.

After dipping in milk, arrange in serving dish.

Cover first layer of biscuits with whipped coffee cream. Then repeat.

Repeat with next layer of biscuits, dipped in milk and brand and cover again with the coffee cream.

Decorate with stars of cream, using a piping instrument and smooth out with a fork.

Chill in refrigerator for two hours before serving.

Decorate with lightly roasted flaked almonds just before serving.

Final result ! Delicious……..

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