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Summer Fruit Salad On Ice ©

August 15, 2012


Hronia Pola Se Olous!

This is when creativity melts the mind!!!! Happy 15th August and to all those celebrating today here is a lovely bowl of flowers!


As the ice slowly melts the bowl becomes clear like glass…….


4-6 Persons



Edible fresh garden flowers and leaves, for example:

Geranium / Summer Geranium




Lemon Verbena





Fruit Salad

4 Peaches

1/2 Honeydew melon

15  seeded muscat grapes

Lime zest

1 tbs finely chopped Lemon Verbena leaves

A little icing sugar if required

Geranium flowers to decorate


Special Equipment

2 heat proof bowls, one large, one about two sizes smaller.

Melon Ball Cutter, if available



IMPORTANT : Make the day before you want to use it, so it freezes solid!

N.B. You can use it for other desserts, but always remember as the ice melts, a little water gathers in the bottom of the bowl.

The melting is very slow, and it is still completely whole, by the end of the dessert. You can put it back in the freezer and use again….

Follow the pictures……


Pick your flowers from the garden, or buy some in a flower shop. Important: the flowers must be edible!

Cut away any large stalks and soak in a little cold water. Check carefully for small insects.

Place one glass bowl inside the other, aiming for a gap of about 2 cm. Fill the gap with water, so that when

you push down the inner bowl, 2 cm from the bottom, the water has risen to nearly the rims of your bowls.

Place a weight in the center, which doesn’t matter if it is frozen! ( Not a Coke Can !!!) The weight should

NOT press the inside bowl right to the bottom, as your final ice bowl will not have a good thick base. Now

start pushing the flowers and leaves down the sides. They should all be under the water. ( This photo has

water in the inside bowl, just for photographic purposes.) This is not difficult, when you try it out, you will

understand my instructions.

As a ‘weight,’ I have used a granite Mortar bowl.

Place in freezer. I always make this the day before, so that it really freezes solid. Dry bottom of bowl, so

there is no chance of the bowl sticking to the freezer bottom and give a final check that the center bowl is

evenly in the center of larger bowl.

Once frozen solid, remove from freezer.

Pour in boiling water from a kettle, you will hear the ice cracking. Try moving the bowl until it unsticks,

remove and then plunge the base bowl into boiling water. to do this I used my washing up bowl. As soon

as the ice bowl becomes unstuck, lift out onto  your serving dish.

Unsticking inside bowl.

Unsticking the outer bowl.

Ice Bowl!

Once placed on serving dish, return to freezer, until ready to serve.

Make up your fruit salad, in a bowl with melon balls, peaches and seeded muscat grapes. Either cut grapes

in half and remove seeds, or using a pointed skewer, insert through stalk end and remove.

Just before serving, pour fruit salad into ‘Ice Bowl,’ grate with fresh lime zest and squeeze juice over fruit

salad. ( Not before or zest goes brown and you want it a nice Lime green colour!)

Sprinkle with finely chopped lemon Verbena leaves and sprinkle with icing sugar, if required.

Decorate with flowers.

Final Result ! Just out of the freezer ! After a few minutes it goes glassy, as shown in the photograph below.

A different alternative, just with peaches, lime and Lemon Verbena.

A different version, Melon quarters.

Another alternative, served with a candle in the center of the fruit salad…..the possibilities are endless.

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