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Summer Melon Fruit Salad ©

September 2, 2012

As we go into the lovely month of September, Kalo Mina to you all and I hope you all had a good summer!

This recipe is a wonderful melon bowl of fruit, which we learnt to make at Cookery School and I have made  countless times ever since. It has the surprise element of taking the lid off, to reveal the delicious fruit inside and you can choose any combination to fill your melon bowl.

Placed on a plate of Mulberry leaves and decorated with geraniums, it makes the perfect end, to a hot summer’s evening.



6 Persons


Special Equipment: Melon Ball Cutters, size 26 and 28

( Alternatively cut the fruit into mouth sized pieces )



1 ripe Melon of your choice 15-20 cm in diameter

4-6 ripe Peaches

15-20 Seedless grapes or Muscat grapes, which need de-seeding

Zest of lime or lemon

A few fine gratings of fresh ginger

Juice of lime or lemon (1-2)

A sprinkling of icing sugar if required, or a tbs sugar syrup, home made: 2 tbs sugar dissolved in 4 tbs water over heat. Add when cool. Add a squeeze of lemon. The syrup method guarantees the fruit will not go brown.

2 finely chopped leaves of Lemon Verbena (opt.)

Decorate with edible flowers: geranium, jasmine,pansy,lavender and Mulberry leaves.

Optional version a la Jane ! : Mix in 2 tbs yogurt and a tbs each of honey and Gin!



Make this 2 hours before serving so that the fruit is really fresh shiny and not shrunken!

1. Choose your fruit carefully, the melon should be a nice color, smell fragrant and be firm, if slightly giving at the stalk, but not too much so, or it will be over ripe and not nice.Reserve out of the fridge.

2.Choose your peaches, one by one too, they should be just giving to the touch, when pressed with your thumb, otherwise you will have to wait a day or two for them to soften, in your bowl at home. Do not wash, until you are about to use them and keep out of the fridge.

3. Wash your melon and trim the stalk neatly. Selecting a sharp serrated knife  begin by making your incisions 2/3rd of the way up the Melon, stalk end upper most, so that your melon sits firmly on your serving dish. Your incisions can be as small or as big as you like, I made mine rather large as I was in a hurry! As you cut, make sure you are cutting through to the cavity of the melon, so that the lid comes off neatly, about 2 cm depth. Try to cut around in an even horizontal line.This is not difficult, like all things, the first time you will have to think, but the second time round, it is easier.

4. Once you have cut all the way around, remove the lid and using a spoon, empty out the seeds.

5. Using a ‘Melon Ball Cutter,’ 2 cm in diameter, press down on the melon flesh, cutting side down wards and scoop out your melon balls. Cut the balls close to one another, so as not to waist too much melon. Reserve in bowl. Scrape out what remains, to give your inside a smooth finish. Enjoy the snack of left over melon pieces!

6. Wash your peaches, peel and using a size smaller ‘Melon ball cutter,’ or the same size, repeat the above process.

7. Wash your grapes and if seedless add them to the fruit bowl. If not and the Muscat grapes are more flavorsome, take the trouble to cut them in half long ways and remove the seeds.

8. Try the fruit for sweetness and if desired, sprinkle with a little icing sugar or make up a little sugar syrup.

9. Pour over your lemon or lime juice. This is important, because it stops the peaches from browning, so do it straight away.

10. Place fruit inside melon, filling it so that the lid can sit half open, partly revealing the surprise inside.

11. Place in refrigerator to chill, for 1 hour.

12. Just before serving, remove lid and grate over the fruit the lime or lemon zest and gently mix into the fruit, using a tea-spoon. If done before hand, I find the zest browns…… also add a little grated raw ginger if liked.

13. Finally, sprinkle on top of your fruit finely chopped ‘Lemon Verbena’ leaves and arrange the lid slanting on top.

14. Place three Mulberry leaves on a suitable serving dish to enhance your creation and decorate with edible flowers.

N.B Any fruit can be used, but this combination is ideal and I usually use soft fruit. Strawberries and raspberries would also be suitable, or mango, passion fruit, fresh pineapple……..


Insert your knife at right angles to your melon and cut in about 2 cm deep.

Lift lid carefully off and using a spoon, remove melon seeds.

Pushing melon ball cutter face down, rotate it around until your melon ball cutter is face up and empty

the melon balls into a bowl.

Cut the balls out close to one another, so as to extract the maximum amount of melon.

Move down cutting into the melon, as you go.

Once you have extracted as many melon balls as possible, tidy up the inside, using a teaspoon.

Repeat the same process with your peaches. If you have a smaller sized “Melon Ball Cutter, ” that is ideal.

Try your fruit for sweetness and add a little icing sugar, or make up some sugar syrup if required.

Add your grapes and fill your melon bowl with fruit, enough so that the lid lies on top showing some of the

fruit inside. Place on a suitable serving dish, decorated with three Mulberry leaves and edible flowers.

Place in refrigerator for one hour to cool.

Just before serving lift the lid off and very finely grate with lime or lemon zest and fresh ginger, mix in gently

with a teaspoon. Place lid back on and serve.

Final result!

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