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Cucumber Mousse ©

October 15, 2012


This is a really lovely Mousse, perfect as a light refreshing starter or as part of a buffet.

It goes excellently together with green mixed salad leaves and Vinaigrette, or thinly sliced bread and butter.

This is for Emma, who is an excellent cook and always an inspiration with her delicious cooking and Martin her husband who so kindly, found this lovely recipe book which Emma had recommended, in a second hand ‘Cook Bookshop’ in London and brought out all the way to Greece.




6 persons



1 large cucumber

225 g cream cheese ( Philadelphia)

150 ml home made mayonnaise, ( see bellow, or second best, ready made.)

150 ml cold water

1/2 level tsp salt

2 level tsp sugar

15 g gelatin leaves

150 g cream lightly whipped


Home made Mayonnaise

1 egg yolk

1 tsp dijon mustard

1/2 tsp salt

Juice of 1/2 lemon, or more

150 ml Corn Oil



Cucumber slices

lemon slices

Fennel leaves, or parsley leaves



1. Peel cucumber, cut lengthwise and remove seeds, if large.

2. Placing your cucumber halves, flat side downwards, lay your palm over the top and cut cucumber horizontally into three thin slices.

3. Now cut long ways into thin ‘Julienne.’

4. Holding the ‘Julienne’ together, cut across, resulting in match-head small pieces of cucumber. This takes a little patience, but it is worth it, so that the final result is delicate.

5. Make up mayonnaise, this doesn’t take a second and is worth it in the final result. Place egg yolk, salt and mustard in bowl, add oil slowly, beating continuously. Once you have added 50ml of oil, add lemon juice and then rest of oil more quickly. Taste for salt and lemon, add more if needed.

6. Place water in saucepan, add salt and sugar and add gelatin leaves one by one, so that the water wets both sides. Leave to soften.

7. Mix cream cheese  together with mayonnaise. Lightly whip cream until beaters leave a trail.

8. Place softened gelatin over gentle heat and melt, stirring continuously. Do ‘Not’ allow to boil. Draw off heat and allow to cool for five minutes.

9. Pour through fine sieve, onto cream cheese, add chopped cucumber and fold in lightly whipped cream. Mix thoroughly.

10. Pour into 600 ml mould, which you have rinsed out and shaken out the water, so it is wet. this helps when you come to turn cucumber mousse out.

11. Leave to set, at least 2 hours in refrigerator.

12. Half an hour before serving, boil a kettle of water and place in large bowl, your washing up plastic bowl is ideal. Carefully lower mould into hot water, up to the level of the top of your mousse. After 2-3 second, as you giggle slightly the mousse, you will notice, the mousse has detached from the mold. Remove mold from hot water and quickly place serving dish on top of mold and with a quick wrist action, turn mold and dish over.

13. You will now have a beautiful cucumber mousse in the center of your dish.

14. Decorate with cucumber and lemon slices, which you have previously decorated with a channel knife. Decorate with fennel or parsley leaves.

Cook’s Tip : Wet serving dish, shake off surplus water, just before turning out, so that if your mousse is not central on the serving dish, you can slide it a little to get it perfect!


Gather together your ingredients.

Wash and peel cucumber.

Cut cucumber in half and then in half again, lengthwise.

Placing your hand on top of the cucumber halves, slice the cucumber across carefully, at half centimeter


Now push back together and cut down longways into thin ‘Julienne.’

As you do this hold slices together with your thumb and forefinger. If too difficult cut the slices lengthwise


Your cucumber will now look like this.

Now cut across, resulting in small cubes of cucumber about the size of a match head.

Place in bowl and continue chopping the rest of the cucumber.

Cubed cucumber. It is important that you take the trouble to do this diligently, because it will show in your

end result.

In a clean bowl place egg yolk, salt and dijon mustard to make up your home made mayonnaise.

Add oil slowly, whisking all the time. Once you have two tablespoonfuls of mayonnaise, add lemon, after

which you can add the oil more quickly. * Should your mayonnaise separate, add separated mayonnaise

slowly to another bowl with new egg yolk. In this order, your curdled mayonnaise will right its self! If you

add another yolk to the curdled mixture, it will not work!

Lovely mayonnaise ! Taste for lemon and salt, add more if necessary. Here I added some black pepper too,

as I am not very keen on white pepper, but it does mean it shows a little, so that is up to you if you want to

add it or not.

Place cream cheese, cucumber and home made mayonnaise in bowl and mix together.

Place water in saucepan and add gelatin leaves, one by one, so that the water goes in between the leaves.

When softened, melt over a gentle heat, stirring continuously, until dissolved. Do not allow to boil. Remove

from heat, if bubbles begin to appear and stir until dissolved. If the gelatin boils, it will not be effective!

Throw away and start again and stay with it!

Mix in melted gelatin, sieving it into the bowl. Fold into your cream cheese and cucumber mixture your

lightly whipped cream.

Before pouring in your mixture, rinse out mold, shake big drops of water out and pour  mixture into wet

mould. This helps later on when you come to un-mold it.

Leave to set for at least two hours in refrigerator. When ready to un-mold, boil kettle of water, pour boiling

water into suitable container, that will fit your mould and dip mould into boiling water for 3 seconds.

You will notice it immediately unsticks from the mould. remove from boiling water, place serving dish on top

and with a quick wrist action, turn out.

Cucumber mousse turned out, notice the neatly cubed cucumber, this is when your handy work shows…..

Take your Channel knife and cut grooves down the out side of your washed cucumber. Do the same to a


Once you have cut three or four channels around your cucumber, cut thin slices and decorate your mousse.

Decorate mousse with cucumber, lemon and fennel leaves.

The pepper shows up here, so you might like to choose not to add pepper…..

Final result, with the back drop of my daughter’s ‘Sun Rays’………

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      October 16, 2012 4:35 pm

      Thank you thank you, yes it is, cool and light!


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