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View Point : Food for thought. Useful Tips! 1.

October 28, 2012


Good morning everyone, on this warm, but windy Sunday morning, “Hronia Pola,” to you all. 28th October, ‘OXI’ Day in Greece.

To refresh our memory of the great significance of this day click below.



Today I am adding a new chapter to my cooking blog, which will cover the ‘practical’ side of cooking and give you ‘ Cooks’ a few simple guide lines to help you create that dream dish.

There are many cooks out there, the ones that look at the pictures and wish that they could make it, the ones that have a go, but are saying all along, “oh I’ll never manage this,” the ones that approach it with a positive smile and get on with it and the ones that think it is a piece of cake, so much so that they alter several ingredients along the way and end up with something quite different.

Cooking is a “science,” everything is a carefully measured balance and I really do recommend you, the first time you are trying a recipe, to follow exactly the instructions in your recipe. All the recipes in this blog have been collected over a period of 35 years, tried and re-tried, until they are  above all tasty, light, interesting, colorful, healthy and good enough to want to eat again. Not all recipe books produce full proof recipes, but with time and knowledge, you will be able to notice the incorrectly written ones and adjust your procedure accordingly.

After I trained for a years at “Cordon Bleu” Cookery School, I was in a position to recognize the miss information and over the next few months I will be giving you tips to be able to do the same.

So my recommendations for this week are:

1.  First choose your recipe in accordance with the season, ( availability of ingredients.) If the ingredients are not available or in season, choose a different recipe. This may seem obvious, but you will be surprised, how often people get a recipe into their head and cook on regardless and end up with something quite different.

2. What’s the Occasion? Who are you cooking for? Children, Seniors, Friends, Special Occasion, Business or for the  Unwell/ Convalescing?

3. Read your recipe through to the ‘end,’ there is often something mentioned towards the end, which will alter your initial plan of work.

4.  Always make a shopping list and shop the day before. Do any preparatory work, to lessen the load and stress on the day. (Washing vegetables for example, making up your stock and anything else that does not need doing on the actual day.)

5.  Never cook a recipe for the first time for guests. It is stressful and you spend your time apologizing, because you feel it did not quite work out as it should have done. There is always something you wish you had done differently the first time around……

6.  Last but not least TASTE  TASTE  TASTE ! Finely tune your recipe and as you do so, a wonderful result will be achieved!


1. Choose recipe depending on what is in ‘Season’ and the ‘Occasion.’

2. Read recipe to the end.

3. Make shopping List.

4. Shop and do preparatory work the day before. VERY IMPORTANT.

5. Never cook a recipe for the  first time for guests.

6.  Taste Taste Taste!

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