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Roast Chicken, Lemon Potatoes and Cream Lemon Tarragon Sauce ©

October 30, 2012

Now this really is another family favorite and will become yours, as soon as you try it!

Thank you all for your very warm response to my new topic. “Useful Tips For All Cooks,” next week’s topic will be “Hygiene and Safety in the Kitchen.”

….and a very special thank you for your great response to “My  Own Creation,”……. “Roast Chicken with Muscat Grapes.”

I was inspired to make this from the classic recipe  “Sole Véronique.”  This is a classic French recipe, combining “Sole” with “Muscat Grapes”…….when my vine finally produced Muscat Grapes, I didn’t want to waste a single one  and so I experimented by adding the grapes to my roast chicken!  The result a wonderful aromatic chicken……..Only attainable with the using of the unique Muscat grape!

As an expert Cook recently told me, ” I never cease to listen and I welcome every ones knowledge, one never stops learning…..”

Here is celebrating  “8,000 Views.”  Thank you all so much, keep those requests, comments,  and questions coming, I am happy to answer them.

A special dedication to my Family, Hanna, Marianna, and my girlfriends at ACS who encouraged me to get this blog started and all of you who faithfully follow it!

And as always a big thank you to my ” Water marker,” who tirelessly and on the double, “Watermarks” my photos……. Thank you B.B.


6 persons


Oven temperature 250.C for first half hour, then turn down to 200.C



1 Farm Reared Chicken

Enough potatoes to fill roasting tin

3 medium onions

4 cloves

Juice of three lemons and  lemon peel for cavity

Sea Salt, freshly ground black pepper

olive oil

a few knobs of butter

A few sprigs of fresh tarragon, rosemary and parsley, or dried.



Pre-heat oven to 250. C. Cook for half an hour, turn down to 200. C  for the rest of the cooking time.

Remember to heat plates and serving dishes before serving!

1. In Greece we wash the chicken under a running tap and leave it to drain. Pat dry with kitchen paper.

2. Place in roasting tin and place in cavity 1 whole onion, pierced with cloves and half the lemon peel, having reserved the juice and truss. (Use trussing needle, or alternatively tie together into a neat shape with kitchen string.)

3. Pour over Chicken, lemon juice and a generous amount of olive oil. Grind over sea salt and black pepper, and place knobs of butter on the breast.

Peel potatoes and cut into four. Reserve in bowl of water, completely covered, until ready to roast.

Up until this point the preparations can be made before had and stored in refrigerator. Always remember though to remove from refrigerator half an hour before to come to room temperature.

4. Surround the chicken with potatoes, from which you have previously poured away water and  added, salt pepper and olive oil and the rest of the onions, cut into wedges.

5. Tuck the rosemary sprigs and thyme under the wings and some into the cavity.

6. Place in pre-heated oven, 250.C. until fat sizzles, approximately half an hour, then turn down to 200.C. for 1 hour, or until the juices run clear, when you pierce the thigh, with a sharp knife. Once the breast browns, turn the chicken over, or cover lightly with tin foil. Only the chicken, not the potatoes, they need to brown.

If the roasting tin becomes dry during cooking add 1/2 a cup of water or more.I usually have to do this.

7. Baste the chicken and the potatoes, with the juices every half hour. To do this you will need to take the roasting tin out of the oven. Close the oven door to keep the heat in. Turn the potatoes over.

8. Once the chicken is ready, carve into portions and arrange on  heated serving dish.

9. Decorate with fresh tarragon or parsley.

10. Remove potatoes with a slotted spoon and place in heated serving bowl. Reserve  juices in a heated gravy boat to use in Cream lemon Sauce.( See recipe below.)

Excellent served with “Cream, lemon, Tarragon Sauce”

N.B. Check your oven, the chicken to be cooked correctly, should always be sizzling. Ovens can vary.


Soak fresh herbs in salted water, to release any bugs attached to the leaves.

Peel potatoes and have them ready soaking under water, so that they do not brown. Just before adding to

chicken, pour off water and add salt, pepper and oil, with a generous dash of olive oil.

These potatoes are half cut Greek style, the long ones and half cut English style.

Peel onions, keep one whole and pierce with cloves, ready to place in chicken cavity. Cut rest of onions into

quarters and distribute around chicken, along with your potatoes.

Place onion with cloves and lemon peel into cavity of chicken and truss, or tie up chicken.

‘Trussed’ Chicken….see “Cooking Procedures” in Index to learn to do this, or simply tie with string as shown

in the following picture. ‘Trussing’ produces a much neater result! See trussing needle and string in photo.

Chicken tied together. This stops the chicken from drying out and makes it look more compact.

Here is the chicken in the roasting tin surrounded by chopped and quartered onions, I had a few extra and

just before putting in the oven, I will pour off the water from my potatoes, no sooner, or they will brown, salt

and pepper them and drizzle with olive oil. the chicken has also had the lemon poured over it, olive oil, salt

and pepper, in that order and finally, fresh herbs, rosemary and thyme.

Potatoes, salted, peppered and drizzled with olive oil.

Chicken and potatoes ready for the oven……

Chicken cut into portions, and drizzled with some of the cream lemon and tarragon sauce!

Garnish with fresh parsley or fresh tarragon.

Final result! Delicious! A wonderful combination of roast chicken and cream, lemon and tarragon!

Cream, Lemon, Butter And Tarragon sauce ©

6 persons


150 ml carton of cream

1 lemon Juice and Zest

25 g unsalted butter

juices from roast chicken

1 tbs dried tarragon

salt and pepper


1. Pour the cream into a small saucepan.

2. Add lemon juice/zest,9 Grated on finest zester, butter, tarragon, salt and freshly ground black pepper.

3. When Chicken is roasted, pour juices into bowl, skim off fat with a ladle and add the juices to the sauce.

4. Drizzle a little of the sauce over the carved chicken and roast potatoes, just before serving to keep moist and add more flavor.

This sauce is really excellent!

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  1. November 1, 2012 9:51 am

    Jane Dear, an interesting new twist to an old (much loved) dish served in all greek homes! I really look forward to your every-day listings.


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