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View point 2. Useful Tips For All Cooks: HYGIENE. ©

November 3, 2012



Hi everyone!     A MUST READ !  It will take just two minutes !

Here are a few more tips that  are most important when cooking.

We have all found that hair in our food, or suffered horribly from an upset stomach, not to mention a ‘finger nail’ I once found in my soup, in the very best Hotel Restaurant!…….. So Hygiene is very important.



HygieneA Reminder…….


Hygiene is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration when cooking. It involves not only the dirt that one can see ‘visibly’ , but the microbes which are ‘invisible.’

I will remind you of the most obvious danger zones.

Microbes thrive in warm moist conditions and it is therefore important to keep produce in a well aired cool dry cupboard or for more perishable products , in the refrigerator. ( Meat, fish, poultry, dairy products and left over food.)

In Order of  Importance :

1. Wash your hands with soap, before handling food and before and after handling meat, fish,poultry and eggs. A nail brush is perfect if you have been dealing with fatty things.

2. Keep nails short. Nails are a great harbinger of germs. Nail polish, which might chip off into your food should not be worn while cooking, nor jewellery, which traps food and germs!

3. Keep long hair tied back. In domestic kitchens they wear hats. You don’t want to find hair in your food!

I always think of a surgeon preparing for an operation! Your hands need to be clean and not touch anything else, but the food you are preparing. ( Not your nose, ears, head etc )

4. Wear an apron. Wash apron regularly.

5. Should you sneeze, blow your nose or use the wash room, wash your hands again!

6. Keep your surfaces wiped clean as you go along.

7. Wash up  in hot soapy water, rinse and keep your ‘sink’ clean, as you go along. Always ‘scrub’ down your chopping boards with ‘stiff brush’ and ‘hot soapy water ‘on all sides, especially after cutting meat, poultry and fish. Chopping boards are no.1. harbingers of germs. Scrub sink when you have finished using it each day with hot soapy water.

8. Re-new your sponges and dishcloths frequently, or place in washing machine frequently, they again carry many germs. Always wash them through with hot soapy water at the end of the day. Replace every two weeks, or when they begin to look dirty!

9. Change your tea-towels every day, wash at 60.C. You should have one towel for drying your dishes and another for drying hands.

10. As soon as left over food has cooled, place straight away in fridge, ‘always’ covered. This reduces the spread of germs from older foods to newer ones in the fridge.

11. Keep food covered from the danger of flies, who have fed on much worse things, before eating your food and vomit, before they dig into your delicious food. That second you are absent from the kitchen, it doesn’t take long, not to mention your beloved pet who might come and lick the butter!

12. Re-heat food completely through, those microbes napping out, right in the center of your pie, will not be killed off unless you heat the pie completely through.

13. EMPTY RUBBISH BINS EVERY DAY! : All rubbish bins should have lids and be washed and scrubbed frequently.Once a week!

Now I know you all score high on this list, but a reminder is always useful, especially for you new cooks.




I ‘highly’ recommend you to keep up with the washing up.


We were trained to wash up as we cooked! This was the best lesson we were ever taught.

Firstly utensils wash up much more easily.

Secondly it keeps your work space calm and uncluttered.

Thirdly you haven’t got that awful pile to do, when you are tired at the end of cooking.

Fourthly you don’t run out of equipment!

Not to mention the breading of germs when the dishes are left, sometimes for days! Then you feel like throwing it all away in the bin!

I always have a washing up bowl ready with hot soapy water to quickly wash things in, rinse and drain, dry and put away!

This may all seem obvious, but believe me I have seen some kitchens in my time!



Here is a perfect example of how one shouldn’t leave the sink…..

The visible decaying food you can see.

What you can’t see are all those germs coming up out of the trap, having a party on all that food, especially

in the dish cloth!!!!!! Nice moist environment! Not to mention all that lemon well stuck to the squeezer,

that will need soaking now to get properly clean…….. Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene!!!!!

* Just out of interest, I have just read an article which says the four most germ ridden places are:

1.Dish Cloths and Sponges In A Kitchen.

2. Chopping Boards

3. Elevator Buttons

4. Escalator Handrails

5. Supermarket trolley handles

Always wash your hands after being outside with warm water and soap.

Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene. Soap Glorious Soap!!!!!



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