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December 13, 2012


…..after all this excitement……this is a hard act to follow…..
…..but we do need to come down to earth and get the cooking pots out for the challenge of the year……. Christmas…….
Now I have some good advice. Keep it simple and good. Yes, as cooks of the Christmas dinner all the responsibility falls on you, but just think of it as a ‘roast chicken’ Sunday lunch and cook on. Do as much as you can two an three days before hand.
I make my ‘Greek mini cheese pies,’ a week before and freeze them.They are the few things that are not at all affected by freezing. Make sure you have enough wine in…..Champagne! or Mulled wine…..
I shop 3 days before, Turkey, pre-ordered from butcher, Salmon ordered sliced and ready in a tray, Brussels Sprouts,inGreece you need to book them……. Pate……cheeses……. Flowers.
I lay the table 2 days before…..meals in the kitchen are great!
I stuff the turkey the day before, prepare turkey, peel potatoes, carrots, brussels sprouts, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, brandy butter…… I buy a good Plum Pudding……here in Greece it is too hot for Plum Pudding, more than a spoonful, but it was my father’s tradition and the children love seeing it all lit up and I make a nice chocolate dessert which every one loves……
I make the cheese Souffles on Christmas Eve!
As this is my Blog’s first Christmas, what I cook will gently come along mostly after Christmas for next year! A good Turkey recipe is however available and I will begin a special “Christmas” title in the Index to help you along……
Above all have fun, enjoy your family and friends, just being together is the important thing…….
130 recipes to look through over the holiday season……
some have fewer star ratings, because they were posted at the beginning,
so don’t let that influence you…….
Posted on my Fb by my eldest son…….
“Congratulations to my amazing chef mother, for reaching 10,000 views on her blog! :))”
Photo taken by my eldest…….
….Your Blogger: where she likes to be most of all……..on the Sea!
….and now for something completely different…….this is what I do every Monday evening! Ballroom dancing!!!
…..keep on your toes!!!!!
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