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Jane’s Taramosalata ©

March 14, 2013


 With “Clean Monday” coming up next week, marking the beginning of ‘Lent’ in Greece, there is one dish that is never missing from the feast and that is ‘Taramosalata’ served with the traditional “Lagana” flat bread. Lagana bread is similar looking to Foccacia and it is a great pity the bread shops only make it on this one day in the year, because it is delicious! Any one who has been to stay in my home will know that Taramosalata is definitely one of our favorites and this particular recipe will win you many admirers.
The secret is, contrary to belief, the bread used should be ‘fresh,’ light and airy. I use a white ‘Horiatico’/’Village’ bread as it is called here and in order to get an almost ‘mayonnaise’ like consistency, you do need to use a blender and leave your blender running for at least ten minutes.
Most importantly you also need to buy what they call here in Greece “White Tarama Roe.” This is of the best quality and comes  from Iceland. The roe comes from Cod or Carp and it is with out added color, unlike what one so often sees in the supermarkets ready made version and is bright pink! In England there is also a smoked version of Cods Roe, but this is not traditionally used in Greece.
The oil I use is corn or sun flower oil, because this is much lighter and I just add a touch of virgin olive oil at the end for flavor. If you only use olive oil, it will have a green tinge and the taramosalata is much heavier in texture.
Have a very enjoyable Clean Monday!
Καλή Σαρακοστή !

6 Persons






200g ‘White’ Tarama/ Cod’s Roe, (Not bright pink, nor smoked)

1 medium onion

 1/2 kilo loaf  white “Fresh” bread. ( Not stale )

1-2 lemon juice

250 ml sun flower oil

50 ml olive oil

Sprig of parsley, or Kalamata Olives to decorate




1. In a blender, place onion quartered and tarama/Cod’s roe and start blender running. 

2. Cut bread into thick slices and place in bowl of water just for a second or two, enough to wet bread, no more.

3. Remove crusts from bread, by hand, squeeze out most of the water and add to running blender bit by bit. Blend for at least three minutes.

4. Once well blended start pouring in oil little by little. As it thickens add lemon juice and then continue adding your oil. Taste, add more lemon juice if necessary, or a teaspoon or two of warm water, if already too lemony and if the consistency  is too thick.  

5. Turn out into suitable serving bowl, decorate using a fork and garnish with parsley and or Kalamata olives.

The consistency is VERY important. It should be light, very similar to Mayonnaise and stand up when pushed with a spoon, so add liquids carefully, if too sharp, add water, if not sharp enough, (and I mean it should have a strong taste,) add lemon juice, if you over do the liquid, add more bread soaked in water and beat another 3 minutes at least. Total beating time, at least ten minutes!

If you don’t have a blender, use a baloon whisk and finely grate your onion before adding. I would also grate the bread into crumbs, place in sieve and lightly sprinkle with water, pressing any excess out of the sieve. Then do a lot of beating until it becomes smooth!




Place good quality Cod’s roe in blender, together with quartered onion. Blend for two minutes.

Have lemon juice ready and measure out sun flower oil.

Cut ‘Fresh’ bread into thick chunks and dip in water for one or two seconds. Remove crusts with your fingers

and squeeze out the water well. If you leave in water too long, it just becomes a glutinous mass!

This is the bread now ready to be added to the blender. Add bit by bit and wait until it is well blended, before

adding next piece.

Add oil slowly, followed by lemon juice.

Taramosalata ready! The pale pink color is because the roe has no added coloring.

Place in serving bowl and using a fork decorate the top, drawing it to a point in the middle.decorate with

parsley or kalamata olives.

Final result! Delicious!




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