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April 5, 2013



Thank you all very much as always, for following my Blog.

Here below is a copy from the inner workings of my Blog, of all the 47 countries, my Blog is viewed in. I thought you would enjoy seeing how far it has reached and seeing your country in the list.

Thank you also for all your encouraging feed back. I love getting your messages both here, on fb and via e-mail and I am glad the pictures help  all you first time cooks out there, to succeed. A special thanks to my children and husband, who are full of positive and constructive encouragement and to my “Water Marker,” who I think now ‘Water Marks’ my photos on autopilot, in his sleep!

A friend asked me the other day, how I organize my cooking in relation to my Blog. During my weeks cooking program  for my family and friends, I take photographs, choose the most suitable ones, send them to my ‘Water marker.’ He usually has them back in 24 hrs and I then compose the recipe and decide how to best set out the photos. After a short break I then proof-read and then  ‘Publish.’ Often when it is published I have a few after thoughts, so I recall the post behind the scenes and adjust a few points. I always have a few recipes in reserve, in case things get really busy and I have a wonderful archive of photographs, which now after a year, is quite a Pandoras box.

I greatly enjoy writing my blog and frequently get quite carried away! As well as the cooking I enjoy the creative challenge of taking the photographs. This together with an endless stream of recipes coming into my mind that I want to try, plus the changing seasons and fresh and new produce coming into the market, makes it the blog you receive far and wide.

Food should be visually interesting, provoke an immediate desire to be eaten and leave one thinking about all the possible ingredients that have gone into it, with a feeling of satisfaction lightness and pleasure and a desire to eat the same dish again. My next recipe coming up is a typical example of this……..

With my best wishes and good health to you all.


April 5, 2013, 4:44 pm

Top Views by Country for all days ending 2013-04-05 : Starting date 23 .3.2012

  • Total Views 15,115
Country Views
Greece FlagGreece 9,750
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 1,433
Canada FlagCanada 1,064
United States FlagUnited States 965
France FlagFrance 365
Germany FlagGermany 268
Malaysia FlagMalaysia 133
Botswana FlagBotswana 130
Austria FlagAustria 120
Belgium FlagBelgium 109
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 93
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 63
Italy FlagItaly 58
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic 52
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 46
Madagascar FlagMadagascar 44
Thailand FlagThailand 44
Singapore FlagSingapore 33
Ireland FlagIreland 32
Egypt FlagEgypt 25
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 22
Spain FlagSpain 14
Sweden FlagSweden 13
Finland FlagFinland 13
Luxembourg FlagLuxembourg 9
Denmark FlagDenmark 7
Israel FlagIsrael 7
Australia FlagAustralia 7
Turkey FlagTurkey 5
Philippines FlagPhilippines 4
Cyprus FlagCyprus 3
Norway FlagNorway 3
Peru FlagPeru 3
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 3
Sri Lanka FlagSri Lanka 3
Hong Kong FlagHong Kong 2
Guadeloupe FlagGuadeloupe 2
Barbados FlagBarbados 2
Portugal FlagPortugal 2
Guatemala FlagGuatemala 2
Pakistan FlagPakistan 1
Chile FlagChile 1
Lithuania FlagLithuania 1
Colombia FlagColombia 1
Mexico FlagMexico 1
Costa Rica FlagCosta Rica 1
Lebanon FlagLebanon 1
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