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Spicy Beetroot Purée ©

April 13, 2013









This recipe is out of a wonderful book called, “A Year In My Kitchen.” By Skye Gyngell. It was made for me by a dear friend who is an excellent cook and really knows how to choose her recipes. I love ‘Beetroot’ and this recipe takes it to a whole new dimension.

It can be eaten as a Salad, or as a dip or as an accompaniment to other foods and is a great way to use up your home grown beetroot in the vegetable garden.

The colour is stunning and all you need is a ‘Spice or Coffee grinder,’ so as to freshly grind your spices to get the full flavour of this delicious recipe.

Thank you Ali !






Spicy Beetroot Purée ©

Spicy beetroot purée



Spicy Beetroot Purée ©

Roast spices in frying pan.



Spicy Beetroot Purée ©

Place in spice grinder.


Spicy Beetroot Purée ©

Grind spices in spice grinder.



Spicy Beetroot Purée ©

Place boiled beetroot in blender.



Spicy Beetroot Purée ©

Add the rest of your ingredients.



Spicy Beetroot Purée ©

Blend until smooth.



Spicy Beetroot Purée ©

Place in serving dish and garnish with fresh herbs.



Spicy Beetroot Purée ©

A delicious salad or dip.






6 Persons






1.5 kilos cooked beetroot, peeled

2 garlic cloves peeled

1 large red chilli, seeds removed!

Bunch of Coriander washed

1/2 bunch of mint leaves washed, stalks removed

1 tbs grated fresh horseradish (Optional)

1 tbs Roasted Spice Mix ( See below )

3 tbs good quality balsamic vinegar

1 tbs olive oil

125 ml thick Greek yogurt

Sea Salt


Roasted Spice Mix

1-2 Cinnamon sticks

50 g Coriander seeds

50 g Cumin seeds

50 g Fennel seeds

50 g Mustard seeds

50 g Fenugreek seeds

5 Cardamon pods

2-3 Star anise ( or cloves)



Fresh Coriander and Mint leaves.




1. Place a dry, heavy-based frying pan (preferably non-stick) over a low heat.( Stay close to your pan, watching for the first sign of smoke!) Break your cinnamon stick in half. Once a clear smoke begins to rise from your pan, add all the spices and keep tossing to cook them. It is important to toss them, so that they do not burn and give a bitter taste. Once the seeds begin to pop, which is quite quickly and a lovely spicy scent is coming off, they are ready. Remove from frying pan straight away and grind in a “Coffee/Spice Grinder” to a fine powder. Once cool, store in an airtight container, until ready for use.

2. Thoroughly soak and scrub your beetroot in water. Boil the leaves separately for a nice salad, dress with Virgin Olive Oil, salt and pepper). If you are using pre-cooked beetroot, make sure it has been cooked in water and not vinegar!

3. Place beetroot in cold water and boil until tender when tested with the point of a sharp knife.Once the beetroot falls off the knife, it is ready. Depending on size of your beetroot, this takes about half an hour.

4. Once cooked, drain and peel with your fingers, the skin comes off easily once cool enough to handle. One does not peel beetroot before boiling, because you lose a lot of the goodness, as the beetroot juices seep out during cooking.

5. Place in blender along with all your other ingredients, except the yogurt and blend to a smooth purée.

6. Add your yogurt, pulse briefly to mix in and taste for seasoning. The purée will definitely need salt to bring out all the flavours. You may also need a few more drops of balsamic vinegar, it needs a sharp edge.





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  1. John Tap permalink
    April 13, 2013 1:20 pm

    Super Color! xx


  2. Sophia permalink
    January 23, 2017 12:51 pm

    Dear Jane,
    a very happy 2017 to you and the family!
    This weekend we made your burgers, beetroot dip, tsadziki, guacamole….all e’ la Jane and it was a fabulous meal!! Kids also loved it (except for the beetroot once I told them what the ingredients were I lost them 🙂 )
    much love from Botswana and thank you for your wonderful recipes!

    Sophia x

    ps: please send me your email address – just realised I dont have it!


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