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Tsadziki ©

April 9, 2014










Tsadziki is a big time favorite, the world over. Here I have prepared it with plenty of salt freshly ground black pepper and olive oil. This really brings out the taste and is a much richer version, than you are usually served in a Taverna.

This is especially for my boys and for Theodora!


**** Lessons in Peeling Garlic more easily and thickening Yogurt.




Tsadsiki ©







Preparation Time 20 minutes




Serves 6 persons







800 g ” Total/Fage,” Greek thick Yogurt
2 large cucumbers, peeled and grated

2 cloves garlic crushed or more!

1 cup olive oil

1 heaped tsp salt, or more

1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper

2 tsp vinegar

Bunch of Dill (Optional )

Kalamata Olives, Dill sprigs, for garnish




1. Peel the two cucumbers and grate on large holes of grater. Place in a colander or sieve.

2. Sprinkle grated cucumber with a teaspoon of salt, mix and leave to drain for five minutes. Squeeze out water using your hands or press down on cucumber with a large spoon.

3. Empty yogurt into a large bowl, add  grated cucumber and crushed garlic, using a garlic squeezer. add a dash of vinegar and plenty of freshly ground pepper. Add olive oil gradually stirring continuously and taste for salt. It will most certainly need more salt. Tsadziki is so often served with little salt, but in my opinion enough salt really brings the taste out, so add little by little, until it is salty enough. ( If by chance you add too much salt, younger students, just add another carton of yogurt!)

4. Empty Tsadziki into serving bowl, using a spoon make a pattern on the top, drawing from the sides to the center, if liked, and cover with cling film.  Place in refrigerator for one hour.

5. Garnish with Kalamata Olives and sprigs of Dill.

Serve with hot bread, or pita.

N.B. This is very quick to make and makes an excellent dip. It also goes excellently served with roast lamb, especially at Easter time.

The yogurt MUST BE the thick kind, by squeezing the grated cucumber with the salt, this releases the water out of the cucumber and thus when mixed together with the yogurt the cucumber absorbs the liquid from the yogurt and thickens it even more.

Cook’s Tip: I believe in adding the maximum amount of olive oil and salt and pepper. It makes the Tzadziki rich and tasty!

***By adding salt to the cucumber, the cucumber releases its water. Once it is mixed with the yogurt it reabsorbs the liquid from the yogurt, thus making the yogurt thicker.

This is a big family favorite!





This is what you are aiming for.


Peel and grate cucumber on large holes of grater, place in sieve together with salt and mix well.  Leave for five minutes.Squeeze water out every two minutes with your hands or pressing down with a large spoon.



Peel garlic by pressing down on each clove with the heel of your Cook’s knife. Place each clove in your garlic press and add to yogurt mixture. ( Wash ‘garlic press’ straight away under tap with brush and hot water otherwise it is impossible to clean later!)



Tsadsiki ©

You can add as much garlic as you want! Some like a little, some like a lot!!!!




Tsadsiki ©


Add all the rest of the ingredients to the yogurt and begin mixing in the oil slowly. My daughter here has added

some extra Creole spice, not usually part of the recipe, but an excellent addition!

Tsadsiki ©

Final result. Serve with fresh crusty bread or warm pita bread. (This last picture is with out Dill, where as the first one has dill added, it is your choice.)

Excellent as a dip or served as part of a Greek Meze or together with roast lamb.








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  1. Sophia permalink
    May 18, 2014 12:06 pm

    Jane, yet another perfect recipe! Made this last night…big hit! Thank you xxx


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