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Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink Or Visina with Greek Yogurt ©

May 6, 2015






Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©




Visinada, which is the Greek name given to this delicious sour cherry drink, brings back a flood of childhood memories of wonderful Grandmothers offering one a glass on a hot, hot summers day or drizzling the thick cherry filled syrup over Greek yogurt and if one was lucky enough to be the last in line, licking the spoon from the jar!

Visina/Sour cherries come onto the market after the sweet cherry season is over and they are around for a very brief time, so one wants to make ones order early on and preferably find a man on his donkey to sell you his freshly picked sour cherries from the tree in his garden.

Sour cherries are smaller than the sweet ones and one wants to buy them when they are still firm, otherwise they disintegrate in the boiling.





Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©

Makes about 4-5, 200 g jars.





1 kilo of firm Sour Cherries. ( Visina )

1,250 g caster sugar

1 juice of lemon ( to be added at the end )

Two and a half cups of water

*** ‘Cherry- Stoner’ is ESSENTIAL equipment!

Book your ‘Sour Cherries,’ early on from your vegetable man, as the season is short!!



Before beginning, gather together your clean sterilised jars, or one large jar. To sterilise them boil in water and dry in the oven.


1. Choose firm, just ripe sour cherries. If they are at all soft, the skins will come off during boiling.

Place small testing saucers, in the fridge to cool.

2. Lay out two large bowls. Wash cherries and remove stalks into one bowl. Using a Cherry stoner remove stones and place cherries and any juice in 2nd bowl. Throw stones away with stalks. Weigh and reserve.

3. Measure out sugar and water and place in large saucepan. Add two and a half cups of water.

4. Stir sugar all the time, until all the sugar crystals are dissolved and water becomes clear ‘before’ it comes to the boil. This is important so that the syrup does not crystallise at a later date. Some use a pastry brush to dislodge any sugar crystals around the edges.

5. Add cherries carefully so as not to splash cooker or your selves and adjust heat to a slow simmer.

6. Using a slotted spoon, remove froth as it rises. This is also important as white specks will show up in your jars.

7. Simmer for 1 hour, or until a little syrup placed on a cold plate (kept in the fridge,) sets and no longer runs down the plate.

8. Remove from heat, add lemon juice and spoon into sterilised jars.

9. Before the jars are completely cold cover with rounds of grease proof paper and screw down lids tightly.


Cook’s Note :

On a hot summer’s day a spoonful of sour cherries in an ice-cold glass of water, or drizzled over Greek yogurt is delicious.





Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©

Wash cherries.


Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©

Lay out ingredients and equipment. Place 2-3 testing saucers in the fridge to cool for later use.

Using a cherry stoner and holding fruit over a large bowl to catch the juice, stone cherries carefully, placing point of stoner where the indentation of the stalk is. You want to try to keep your cherries ‘whole.’ I actually hold the sides of the cherry as I am doing this, with my left fingers, so that they don’t split.


Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©



Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©

Here we have the cherries ready and cleaned!


Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©

Weigh your cherries and the rest of your ingredients.


Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©

Pour sugar into large saucepan and add two and a half cups of water.


Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©

Stir continuously until sugar has completely dissolved and water is clear, ‘before’ it comes to the boil.

This is important, so that sugar doesn’t crystallise.


Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©

Add your cherries carefully, so as not to splash any syrup over the cooker or your selves.


Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©

Bring to the boil.


Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©

Remove all the froth that accumulates, as this will later show up as white specks in the jars.


Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©

*******Keep a careful eye, as the syrup can easily boil over.


Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink © When the cooking time is nearly up, test a little syrup on a cold saucer, that you have previously kept in the fridge. The syrup is ready when it sets, as you tilt the plate. If it runs down the plate, boil for another ten minutes and try again.

Remove from heat and add lemon juice!


Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©

Ladle out into a large sterilised jar, or several small ones.


Visinada : Sour Cherry Drink ©

Delicious over Greek yogurt, or a spoonful placed in a glass and covered with iced water on a hot summer’s day!









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  1. Nectar Leylekian Derghazarian permalink
    May 6, 2015 2:21 pm

    Thank you Jane
    I love your blog the way you explain in details the recipe with pictures to illustrate step by step
    Makes it sooo easy to make with no excuse not to succeed in making it
    Keep up the good work
    Have a great day and it is thanks to my cousin Steve Stylianoudis that I was introduced to your blog ,I thank him for it .

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