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Brandy Snaps ©

December 8, 2016

Brandy Snaps!!!!!

What's Cooking In Jane's Kitchen

There is nothing more delicious than home made “Brandy Snaps.”  I first discovered them at the age of nine, when I was invited by an English family for a sleep over……ever so exciting…..The mother, for tea, suggested ‘We’  make “Brandy Snaps!!!!!” This was too thrilling for words……..

I never forgot the “Brandy Snaps,” and the tradition followed on when I had children and right up to this very day!

The History is interesting too, because contrary to belief they have no ‘brandy’ in them! Click on the ‘wikipedia’ link below…….

For Henry John and Irene!

Brandy Snaps ©

Orange Cake, Brandy Snaps And Magda Biscuits ©

Orange Cake and Chocolate Biscuits and Brandy Snaps! YUM!!!!

Makes 20

Oven 180.C/ 350.F


65 g butter

60 g light brown sugar ( small granules )

55 g Golden Syrup

60 g plain flour

Pinch of Ginger powder

For Filling

150 ml heavy cream or whipping cream

50 g shelled lightly roasted pistachio…

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