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Hummus ©

February 25, 2017

One of my favourites…….

What's Cooking In Jane's Kitchen

I began this blog for my children and friends and I am happy to say it has now reached to 28,508 views!!!!Thank you all very much indeed!

Hummus, todays recipe, is one of my favourite dips and my recipe collection would not be complete without it. It comes from the Levantine and is a wonderful combination of flavours.

In the period of Lent it is very suitable and makes an excellent dip at a party or as part of a Meze.

For those who would like to know a little more about it, I enclose this Link.

Hummus ©

6-10 Persons

1/2 hour to prepare


200 g “dry” chick peas OR  2 tins of chickpeas 200 g in weight

1 onion peeled and quartered

2 bay leaves

6-8 tbs Virgin Olive Oil

1 tsp chili powder

juice from 4-5 lemons or more

3 cloves  garlic crushed

100 ml Tahini (…

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