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Stuffed Calamari ©

March 12, 2017

If you never knew how to do this…..try!

What's Cooking In Jane's Kitchen

This  is a lenten dish, but can be eaten all the year round and really brings out the taste of the calamari.(calamari is the Italian name for ‘Squid’ in English). You can buy big or small calamari, fresh or frozen. I chose some small fresh ones as I thought they would be more tender, they were just a bit more fiddly to fill. They make a perfect lenten meal, or as part of the meal at the ‘Clean Monday Feast.’ This marks the beginning of lent in Greece.

This is for Flora who inspired me to make “Stuffed Calamari.” She made them for us on ‘Clean Monday,’ when she was a student in my  ‘Cooking Class.’

Stuffed Calamari ©


6-8 Persons


These quantities filled 13 five centimeter calamari.If you have medium to big Calamari you must double up the quantities.

2 Calamari per person if small,  if big 1  per person

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