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Artichokes Alla Polita ©

March 31, 2017

I dedicate this to dearest Varvara……

What's Cooking In Jane's Kitchen

This is my most favorite dish of all!
Artichoke lovers will agree with me…..
The secret is though, to peel to the heart……
Another wonderful Greek recipe…..

For those that love Globe Artichokes.

This recipe is for the “Diligent Cook! ”



Ingredients    For 4-6 persons

12 “Globe” Artichokes

12 Spring onions sliced

10 small potatoes turned

6 med sized carrots turned

1 bunch Fennel, stalks chopped separately

Juice of 3 lemons

2-3 tbs olive oil

Salt Pepper


Artichoke Soaking Water

1 large basin of warm water

4 tsp salt

Juice of 4 lemons

2 tbs Flour



From your local Market choose fresh plump firm and closed “Globe” Artichokes. Feel them for firmness, insist on the closed leaved ones and test freshness by swaying the artichokes from the stalk! March in Greece is the best month to find good artichokes at the market, later…

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