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Tomato Basil And Greek Feta Salad. “Dakos.” ©

May 28, 2017

This recipe today is in memory of my dear friend Michelle, who encouraged me to start this blog and who loved and liked every recipe as the blog evolved. I will miss your ‘Like’ on Fb today Michelle, but I can see you smiling from above and I will personally take care of your daughter’s cooking skills, as she grows up in her mother’s foot steps.

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‘Dakos,’ is a well known Meze or light meal in Greece, originating from the island of Crete. It is the most wonderful combination of fresh summer tomatoes, onions basil and crumbled Greek feta cheese, served on a Cretan rusk drizzled with olive oil.

Here I have tossed the salad in a tasty vinaigrette dressing and assembled it  in a round mold, so it turns out into a spherical shape.

It is very easy to make and can be eaten as a starter, or ‘mini’ ones can be made and served as part of a Meze.

It is best made no more than an hour before eating, freshness is the essence.



1-2 persons

Time to prepare: 1/2 an hour

Ingredients For one large ‘Dakos’

2 tomatoes

1 Cretan whole wheat rusk

3-4 tbs crumbled Greek Feta

1 small onion diced

2-3 tbs chopped basil

2 tbs strong ‘Vinaigrette’ see below

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