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Greek Stuffed Courgettes with Avgolemono Sauce ©

May 31, 2017

Just the time of year for this!

What's Cooking In Jane's Kitchen

This is an all time favorite of mine, taught to me by dear Varvara, shades of different times, elegant lunches, different generations….


6 Persons


10-12 Medium Sized Courgettes


1/2 kilo good mince meat

2-3  finely grated onion

1 tbs each of chopped parsley, mint, basil.

1 cup olive oil

3-4 tbs patna rice ( the pearly kind) or basmati

Salt and Pepper

A little flour to dip and seal ‘stoppers.’

Cooking Liquor

300 ml or more of Chicken stock

1/2 lemon juice

50g butter

Salt pepper


parsley leaves

Avgolemono Sauce

2 egg yolks

2 tsp corn flour

1. 1/2 juice of lemon

the stock from the boiling of the courgettes

2 tbs cream optional


1. Important : Choose nice medium sized courgettes. About 12 cm in length and 4 cm in diameter. This means they are thin and elegant , but thick enough to core…

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