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Sea Urchin Salad. “Ahinosalata” ©

August 7, 2017

A speciality!

What's Cooking In Jane's Kitchen

This is an all time speciality for those that like it….my family love it!!!

Easy if you have Sea Urchins readily available in the sea in front of you!

Otherwise you can find them in a good fish market.

4 Persons


As many ‘female’ sea urchins as you can gather ( See Method 1.)

olive oil

lemon juice

a little sea water

Cretan rusks


1. Gather your sea urchins using a stick and a mask. The amount gathered  for this recipe was about 20 Sea Urchins. The best time is when there is a new moon, the Urchins have more eggs in them.  Important : The Female ones are redder and larger, with shorter spikes. The male ones are black and have longer spikes. It is the female ones you gather, so as to use the eggs. Often they have a small shell resting on their spines.


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