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Mixed Leaf Salad, Cottage Cheese And Roasted Pine Nuts ©

November 28, 2017





A lovely light healthy salad which is quick and easy to make!








4 persons


Preparation Time : 10 minutes




100 g bag of mixed washed salad leaves

1 red apple cubed

2 heaped tbs cottage cheese

Fresh Coriander leaves or any other fresh herb

1-2 tbs roasted pine nuts


French Dressing

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp Dijon mustard

1 tbs lemon juice

3 tbs Virgin olive oil



  1. Empty mixed salad leaves into a basin of salted water together with herb leaves. Leave two minutes and place in salad shaker and wiz. If you don’t have one, place in colander, cover with clean tea towel and shake. You don’t want any extra water in your leaves.
  2. Dry roast pine nuts in a small saucepan. Stand over them while you do this, as they burn easily and you only want them to brown. Toss nuts in pan.
  3. Cube apple. You can leave skin on for colour!
  4. Make up French dressing in a small bowl. Beat until emulsified.
  5. Just before serving, (not earlier or leaves lose their crispiness) place all your ingredients in Salad bowl and toss.
  6. Excellent served with smoked ham!




This is what you are aiming for.


Assemble your ingredients. Dry roast pine nuts and cube apple.


Make up your French dressing.


Just before serving place all ingredients in your salad bowl and toss.





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