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Chilled Jamaica Rum And Caramel Tart ©

March 11, 2018






Light and delicious! A long kept secret!

This is a gem and worth trying, once you have done it once, its easy!


Dedicated to my daughter, the next generation and an excellent cook! Lucky brothers!








Serves : 6-8



Preparation Time: 1/2 hour





259 g Digestive biscuits

80 g butter

1/4 tsp cinnamon



5 egg yolks

50 g sugar

1/4 tsp salt

8 g  gelatine  ( 5 leaves gelatine )

85 ml dark rum

30 ml brandy

250 ml cream


Caramel Nut Brittle:

150 g pealed almonds

100 g sugar

125 ml water



1. Gather together all your ingredients, before starting to prepare your tart.

2. Make your caramel brittle.  First grease the surface you are going to turn it out on. See pictures. Place sugar and water in saucepan over a high heat and stir  until sugar is completely dissolved and water looks clear! Once it begins a rapid boil, stop stirring and stay with it until the colour starts to change. This takes about five minutes, but once the colour changes it happens rapidly and you do not want to burn the sugar!!!!

3. As the colour changes, you will smell the caramel! Add pealed almonds and pour out onto greased surface. Marble is ideal, otherwise a large roasting tin. * The darker the colour the more bitter the caramel. You want it the colour in the picture, because those few seconds until it is turned out, the sugar goes on cooking.

4. Empty digestive biscuits into blender and blend. Pour over melted butter and blend a little more. Place in loose bottomed tart tin and spread out with spoon until biscuits comes up the sides and is of even thickness in tin. Lift carefully into fridge, holding  tart tin by the sides, so that the loose bottom of tin doesn’t move.

5. Place 5 egg yolks in mixing bowl, add 50 g sugar and beat until light and fluffy. Add rum and brandy and beat some more.

6. Place cream in bowl and beat until just thickening.

7. Place gelatine and water in saucepan and leave to soften. Once it is bubbly, place over medium heat and stir until dissolved. Do not let it boil. Pour into egg mixture through a sieve and beat with a whisk. Place in refrigerator for half an hour. Take out and beat again with a whisk. Pour into biscuit case and leave to set in refrigerator for at least 4 hours.

8. Using a spatula unstick your caramel and place in pestle and mortar. Break up until you have small pieces that won’t break your teeth! If you do it in the blender, it breaks it up too small and you don’t see the delicious pieces of caramel.

9. Just before serving take tart out of refrigerator and sprinkle with your caramel nut brittle. Serve straight away so that it is chilled and the nut brittle is crispy!

  • This is an adaptation from the original recipe of the ‘Balthazar Restaurant’ in Athens 80’s /90’s. It is less sweet than the original and uses digestive biscuits, in stead of cinnamon biscuits. They published an excellent book called “Balthazar”. It is a collection of recipes from all their travels around the world. Just a ‘treasure-trove’ of post cards, travel tickets photos and recipes!



This is what you are aiming for.




Gather your ingredients together, before starting to prepare your rum tart.


































Final result! Excellent!!!

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