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Strawberries Ginger Lime Lemon Verbena And Greek Yogurt. ©

April 7, 2019






Nothing Like Strawberries!








1 punnet strawberries

2 cartons Greek “Fage ” yogurt

3-6 tbs brown sugar

1 lime zest

1 finger tip size piece fresh ginger

2 tbs fresh Lemon Verbena

3 tbs cream optional

Maple syrup to pour on when serving



1. Wash strawberries and drain.

2. Thinly slice into suitable decorative bowl to form a layer.

3. Finely grate lime, sprinkle with brown sugar and finely grate a little ginger, using a Microplane grater.

4.Cover with yogurt and continue the layers to three quarters fill bowl.

5. Decorate with thin slices of strawberries, small pieces of lime and a sprig of fresh lemon Verbena.

6. Place in refrigerator to thoroughly chill until ready to serve.

7. Serve with additional sugar or maple syrup.




This is what you are aiming for.

Strawberries Ginger Lime lemon Verbena and Greek Yogurt ©

  1. Gather your ingredients together.


2. Start by slicing a layer of strawberries into serving bowl. Finely grate over strawberries lime and ginger using a Microplane. Sprinkle with brown sugar.


The sugar will melt…..


3. Dilute yogurt with a little cream.


4. Spread a layer of yogurt over strawberries and continue the layering process three quarters up bowl.


Garnish with strawberry slices, lime and lemon verbena. Cover with cling film and thoroughly chill in refrigerator, at least two hours or over night.


Final result!

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